Magic Milk, the Hot Drink that saved my life

I have a ‘great’ habit, every year I get cold just before winter starts. Apparently season’s shifting does impact my body. This November I was quite sick. I could hardly breath, had such a strong and persistent cough and I could feel pains in my ribs anytime I cough. My body was in pain and medications I received from the doctor were not functioning. My mother was so much worried about me and was asking everyone what else to do to improve my health. A friend of her told my mother about ‘the Magic Milk’, this is how I call it now. I drunk it three times per day and guess what, I felt very well in less that a week. It was amazing I had the solution right in my garden, but I never came to know it before.

I’m sure you’re wondering what is such milk that was able to solve a situation drugs were not working. It is a very simple preparation with three ingredients: milk, rosemary and honey. Simple but powerful, my Magic Milk is very easy to be prepared too. Take 500 ml milk and pour it in a stew-pot, put it on fire and bring to boiling. Take a limb of fresh rosemary (about 15 -20 cm long), or a teaspoon of dried rosemary and put it into the boiling milk. Allow for the milk to swell and at the moment it reaches the sides of the pot take it away from fire. Wait until milk goes down and put it back on fire. Repeat this procedure two more times. Finally, remove the milk from the fire and with a spoon press the rosemary in order to help it release its essence and flavor. While still hot, pour milk in a cup, make sure to be a cup with tail, so it will not burn your fingers. Add some raw honey and drink it hot. You’ll feel a warming reaction inside your body immediately after drinking it, but the real magic is made inside your body by healing the cough and cold effects.

Till then, all I knew about rosemary was to use it as a herb in the kitchen and that it was good for the memory. But as soon as I discovered my magic milk I kept drinking it all winter. Today I prepared my regular cup of magic milk and I thought It was a good idea to share it with you.

“Scientists find sniffing rosemary can increase memory by 75%.”

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