Fathers are Very Important in the Lives of their Daughters

“No one is able to make the female a Queen, except her father.” – Arab Proverb

I am one of those girls, who have a strong and special relationship with my father. And, there is a reason for that. I am identical to my defunct aunt, and in my father’s eyes I’ve always stayed as a daughter and his only sister. That’s why he has tremendously invested emotionally and spiritually in our relationship, turning me into an open, independent and emotionally mature woman. On top of our relationship, I appreciate his ability, together with my mother, to grow me up as a free individual, without prejudices and mental limitations regarding nature, people, and life as a whole.

At the same time, I’ve known many self-reliant and capable ladies in my life. According to my observations, they all have one thing in common: they are very close to their fathers. So far, I’ve thought that my conclusion could be biased and is influenced by fortuity. But today I am convinced that I am right. According to some research conducted in the last decade, researchers have come to the conclusion that the father’s presence is an essential part of their daughters’ lives.

According to the research, daughters with strong father figure are healthy on the emotionally side and tend to be more open toward life opportunities and people. They build an emotional intelligence over average and develop the ability to establish wide networks and have healthy relationships with friends, colleagues, and boyfriends (intimates). A closed and healthy relationship between father and daughter helps the last boost self-confidence and self-assuredness. The same daughters tend to develop a very positive self-image.

Having a father figure in life allow daughters to benefits on the Practical aspect as well. The father is seen as the pillar, that provides the financial side and physical protection in the family. Women growing up with a father figure, tend more to be financially stable and physically healthy. Both of these combined with the emotional aspect I mentioned above, create good premises for daughters to be successful in life.

The secret of building such a good father – daughter relationship is for the father to be involved since at early stages in daughter’s raise process. Modern fathers become part of any aspect of the child’s raise, starting with pregnancy, giving birth, and participating in every aspect of baby growth: diapers changing, preparing milk/food, baby bathing, putting baby at sleep, and play with the baby. This makes father – daughter relationship to be closer and should continue to be the same even in the further stages of daughter’s life. Mothers that are reading this article should not become jealous for the call made for fathers’ intervention in the child’s raise. Mothers need to understand that a present father only add value and complete the role and hard work they (mothers) do for raising their children.

“Women suffer in life only when they lack support from their families of origin.”

This article is an appeal to all fathers to love their daughters and have the courage to acknowledge the importance of their role in the quality of their daughters’ lives; and to assume the responsibility of raising daughters who are physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Should you find this article useful, please like and share it with your friends and followers on social networks.

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