The Diet that helped my Husband and Myself to Loose 10 kg on Average

After a ‘stupid’ period of plenty eating and weight gain, I finally took the decision to start a diet. I was desperate to stop adding pounds and hopefully loose some existing ones. A friend of mine sent me this diet I call ‘Monogamous Diet’ and I started it in beginning of second week of January 2019. I convinced my husband to join me in this sacrifice, so we started the new year with a new way of eating. Today, I’d like to share with you not only the diet itself, but even our results and how we felt this experience.


Let me go first with the description of the diet, so whoever wants to try it, could refer to it. This is a 24-days diet and is based on the chemical reaction of the body. It is based on the confinement of interference of different categories of foods such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, albumin, etc. In this diet you eat the same food for the entire day (that’s why I call it monogamous diet), but you are free to eat as much food as you want and as many times as you want (in short, you loose weight by eating -:) Here is the daily food regime for the entire period of the diet:

DAY 1: Macaroni & Cheese

DAY 2: Rise & Cheese

DAY 3, 4, 5: Meatballs (no bread included) & Mix Salad (green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, just a drop of olive oil)

DAY 6, 7, 8: Beef Steak & Mix Salad (green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, just a drop of olive oil)

DAY 9, 10, 11: Baked Chicken & Mix Salad (green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, just a drop of olive oil)

DAY 12, 13: French Fries & Boiled Vegetables (cabbage, pumpkin, spinach, cauliflower, white beets, a drop of olive oil and lemon juice) & Goat Cheese

DAY 14, 15: Beef Steak & Mix Salad (green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, just a drop of olive oil)

DAY 16, 17: Fruits (no grapes, no figs)

DAY 18, 19: Mix Salad

DAY 20, 21: Peas & Beans & Vegetables & Mix Salad (I simmered the legumes and ate them with few drops of olive oil and lemon juice)

DAY 22, 23: Rice & Yogurt

DAY 24: Party Day (You may eat as much as you want, but please do not exaggerate with cakes and chocolates)

Attention! Do not enter in this diet as long as you’re not seeking to loose at least 8 kg. Coffee is allowed, with skimmed milk but no sugar. Even teas are allowed, but no sugar. Do not consume carbonated drinks with sugar. It is recommended to use multivitamins during this diet.

Now, before you close my article by saying “No way”, let me tell you what were our results by the end of January. I lost 9 kg and my husband was the champion, he lost 11 kg. I was furious that day. Why man have to be so lucky when comes to weight and physical shape!? But, the great news for me continued. The next three weeks of February I lost three more kg, with normal eating, but by keeping in mind some of the lessons I learned from this diet. I mean combination of foods and avoiding unnecessary items, like bread, etc.

Something else I wanted to share, before you make our mind about this diet is how we experienced the diet. If you take a close look to the photo in the beginning of the article, there are two tables showing our emotional state during the diet. The left side table is mine, obviously as I used pink to show my mood. The right side is the mood-table of my husband (blue is the color for him). The way I built tables was to display our moods based on the intensity of the color. The darker the color, happier us with the food; and the lighter the color we were completely out of our mind.

We both had nine days of suffer during our 24 days diet, but mine were more spread all over, rather my ‘poor’ partner had a terrible last week with no meat. Probably, that was the reason he performed better than myself, losing two kg more than me. I noticed that whenever we had more than one day of the same food, I’m referring to meat days or fruits days, I did not enjoy anymore the food, and this was strange to me because I like very much fruits and meat. Another lesson I learned from this diet was that there is a certain amount of food you may eat in one day, despite how much you like that particular food. This was probably the best lesson I experienced and I kept it in mind in the post diet period.


This was our story with the “Monogamous Diet”. I recommend it to anyone that really really wants to loose weight. It is a great start for the process of process body shaping. Should you find this article helpful, please like it and share it with your friends and followers in social networks.

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