Gentlemen, Do you want to have Kids? Plan to have them before you turn 40

It is widely spread the saying that is safer for a woman to have her babies before she turns 35. And there were many reasons mentioned why such thing could be true, mainly physical and social. While, it was the first time I heard this could be true for men too. A scientific study published in the British Medical Journal, after studying 40 million babies concluded that the risk of having babies’ birth complications increases when fathers go beyond their mid-30s (5%) and rises significantly after the age 45 (up to 28%) [see the article here]

This findings are very interesting, as they go against tendency of society to push up the average age of having babies. Statistics for year 2016 show that average fathers’ age was 33.3, average mothers’ age 30.4; both increased compare to recent years data. Obviously, human body continues to act as it has always done besides the tremendous developments of technology in general and medicine as a science. Based on these findings, couples willing to have babies must plan to have them earlier in order to avoid risks of non-valid eggs and of the sperm with additional mutations of the DNA.

It will be interesting to see in the coming years if these findings will influence labor market and the tendency of young people to do fast-track careers, due to full concentration of their energies toward career. Social side is another aspect that could be highly influenced due to change in lifestyle for people since their early-30s. At last, individual approach toward wealth matters is going to be influenced as well, as parents at earlier ages will have less time to make money and bigger need to spend money. But, the biggest question raised is: Are these finding going to reduce the desire of couples to have babies at all or to decrease the number of babies in their families? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

While, the optimal scenario would be: The science will solve such ‘technical’ issues and allow parents to decide to have children whenever they consider it to be good for them. Should you find this article interesting, please like and share it with your friends and followers in your social networks.

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