Thinking about Holidays? Think more about Seaside

We start to think about holidays as soon as weather gets warmer and we leave winter behind. Fortunately, there are lots of destinations and kinds of vacations offers around, but we should think about having the best type of vacations for whole family. I’m not going to write today about any specific destination, but I wanted to talk about the sea and what are some additional benefits we get when we go to seaside. 

“Close to the Sea, next to the King.” – Albanian Proverb

I don’t know the story behind this proverb, but I think if the Albanian people knew the healing attributes of the sea, they will modify the proverb in “Close to the Sea, away from the Doctor”.

I like to go to seaside so much, that I ended up buying a house there. This way, I spend a lot of time during the year on the coast, going to the beach, making long walks on the seashore or enjoying great and fresh seafood; not forgetting coffee and cocktails with sunset view. But I’ve never thought that while I was spending time in between the sea and the pine trees I was curing some of my family’s health problems too.

The Benefits of Seaside Air

The seaside air is comprised of many kinds of mineral salts such as sodium, magnesium, chloride, iodine, calcium, potassium, bromine and silicon. All these are very valuable elements for the human body, especially for diseases that affect the respiratory tract, such as:

  • breathtaking allergies
  • blocking of sinuses
  • problems caused by smoking
  • asthma, it facilitates it
  • recovery from colds and other respiratory tract blockages
  • breathing congestion form polluted air
  • The seaside air rich with Iodine relieves the thyroid problems for people suffering from iodine deficiency. Attention! Those suffering from iodine excess thyroids must not go to the coast. Please make sure to properly diagnose on which kind of thyroid problem you suffer.

Spending time in the seaside and engaging in typical beach activities (swimming, sunbathing, walking on the beach, running, sports, etc.) helps to: improve metabolism, loose weight, tone your body and to strengthen immunity. When we go in the beach, heart performs better blood circulations and the body feels more relaxed, free of stress.

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There are two other categories of diseases that water and sea air help to healing:

  • Skin diseases – exfoliation, psoriasis, skin inflammation, acne. Attention! While staying at the beach, especially in summer time, skin protection by ultraviolet rays is needed. Please use sun creams with high protection factor.
  • Bone and rheumatic diseases – bone deflections, bone breaks, osteoporosis, spondylosis, rheumatism, arthrosis, etc.

As you can see, the seaside has the attributes to significantly improve our health, especially for us, people living in big, noisy and polluted cities. So, keep in mind such information while planning your vacations and weekends. Plan for time to be spent at the coast all year long, as apart the pleasure of having a wonderful time, you’re indirectly investing for a better health.

“Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seems to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.”

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