Urgent Attention! Your Kids are at Risk from Momo Character in You Tube

Attention Parents! The Momo character you see in the photo is showing up in You Tube videos for kids 2 – 5 years old. The Momo tells kids ways to suicide themselves in home conditions, like: putting fork in electrical plugs, cutting the oven when parents are at sleep, and other stuff like this. In the end Momo character threaten kids to not tell their parents, otherwise it will show in their homes and will kill them. This is something similar to Blue Whale b…sh… that caused so much trouble among teenagers in recent years. Many kids are scared and parents have not been able to understand what was going on with them.

Please, make sure to control what videos are watching your kids in You Tube. As long as the company does not care about this, let us take care of our little ones. Please spread the word around by sharing this article.

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