Celebrities are way too much glamorous in the eyes of people and they serve as source of motivation for billions of people around the globe. I’ve always enjoyed to follow showbiz news and see how well celebrities manage to handle the love and ‘hate’ in the hall of fame. Despite the feelings they are capable to provoke in the crowd, they are followed by huge number of people and thus are influencing all current generations. Due to internet development, today it’s easier to impact large amount of people with a video or even with one photo alone. Social media is present and is shortening distances among people and is helping to connect people as never before.

We decided to add to your weekend entertainment some fresh news on what is gong on with celebrities’ followers in social networks. Who are the 10 most followed VIP’s in the world considering Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all together. This will be our MOST LOVED CELEBRITIES LIST and will be updated every Friday night. To keep it short, let’s get to our first Friday ranking:


  1. Christiano Ronaldo 355.2 Mio followers
  2. Justin Bieber 286.4 Mio followers
  3. Taylor Swift 269.4 Mio followers
  4. Selena Gomez 264.3 Mio followers
  5. Katy Perry 250.5 Mio followers
  6. Ariana Grande 240.1 Mio followers
  7. Rihanna 236.7 Mio followers
  8. Kim Kardashian 218.6 Mio followers
  9. Neymar Jr. 214 Mio followers
  10. Shakira 208.4 Mio followers

As you can see Top Influencers in the world as of March 1st, 2019 are two football players, seven singers and one media personality such as Kim Kardashian. Music – Sport – Media is the powerful triangle in term of direct influence into people lives and serving as role models and heroes for young generation. Speaking about gender, most influential people online are seven women and three men, and this is controversial to real life power, which mostly in the power of men.

To be mentioned is that Christiano Ronaldo is the absolute king of online followers and despite the recent allegations of rape, he remains the most admired man in the world. He leads our list as the most followed person online with a distance of 68.7 Mio followers from second place occupied by Justin Bieber.

We shall keep monitoring this list as the weeks go by and see how it will be influenced by events and actuality. Follow FAMILY+ Blog to become part of such entertainment. Should you enjoy our list, please like and share it with your friends and followers in social networks.

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