Love Hormone – One of the Miracles of Life

Have you ever heard about Oxytocin, otherwise known as the Love Hormone? I never heard about it, until I experienced its effect several years ago. It happened when I became aunt for the first time. My sister gave birth to a beautiful girl and I was so fond of her, since when I heard she was only 5 mm in her mother’s uterus. But the miracle of love happened some months later when I took my niece in my arms for the first time. I felt happy as never before in my life. And, this was not the only time I felt like that. Despite how tired I was – I wanted to add annoyed too, but there was no chance for me to feel like that in that period – at the real second I hold my niece in my arms, all my tiredness disappeared immediately. I recall I used to say to my sister, “let me take in my arms my source of miracle and I’ll be ready for next thing in the list”, and believe me there were so many things to do, especially the first three months after birth. I’m sure all of you who have experienced the same thing, are knocking your head in approval, while reading these lines.

“Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

I kept experiencing the same emotion more and more and this was translated into a strong bond between my niece and myself. The other moment in my life I felt the same effect in my body was when I gave birth to my son. Any time I touched him, I felt that great feeling coming up to my body and the relaxation and joy that overwhelmed me. This sensation is so rare and I wanted more of it all the time, so I became curious to understand what is the reason for this reaction to human body. That’s the first time I heard about the Love Hormone. It was through the explanations of a doctor, who told me this hormone was responsible for the miracle of life. Birth labor is such a tremendous pain and mothers could not withstand, unless their brain unleash the love hormone. This hormone allow mothers to give life to their babies and safely survive, thus allowing life’s continuation.

I kept searching for more detailed information about oxytocin and I found so many scientific articles, written in a language I could not understand, full of technical terms mainly in Latin. At last, I found a great article in Healthline with lots of good information about the love hormone, which I like to call it the The Life Hormone.

The oxytocin hormone is responsible for many other miracles of life:

  • It helps parents to create strong bonds with their children.
  • It creates the so-called ‘chemistry’ among two strangers, who fell in love with the first sight.
  • It regulates the social behavior of humans, and serve as cure for unsocial behaviors of children with autism.
  • Sexual act is encouraged due to this hormone too, thus allowing for reproduction to happen.
  • And many other matters love related.

It is very interesting to know that one single hormone can evoke so many positive effects in human society. And the main source for this hormone are, us as parents. Our duty is to give endless love to our children, so they develop love hormone in their little brain, and then use this new ability to be more social, to get connected with other people, to accomplish great things in their professional field, to be able to have intimate relationships with others and to allow life to continue. The lack of such experience in our children’s childhood will bring more negativity to their lives, will make them sociopaths and unable to connect with others, will reduce their ability to perform things in life, will leave no space in their life for intimate relationships and will make them suffer all their life long.

The ultimate appeal of Love Hormone for us humans is to use our given-from-god ability to produce it and to share its effects with others, producing positivism and love. This will make world a better place to live, for us and future generations. In the end of the day all responses for what happens around, lay inside us. Should you like reading this article and find it useful, please like and share it with your friends and followers in social networks.

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