Family Entertainment – Could Everyone be Satisfied?

Whenever we make family budget in our home, we always undergo serious discussions when we arrive at the item ‘Entertainment’. The reason being our inability to find common entertainment we all be happy; probably the best word is satisfied. Thus, the discussion is strong as everyone wants its own budget to be satisfied and we end up distorting the whole family budget. I don’t know if you face the same issue in your families, but for us this is a real problem.

I’ve observed most of the families, that are part of my life, in order to understand how they handle this part of their coexistence. After careful observations, I’ve come up with this finding: Entertainment is the ‘Achilles Heel’ of all families. Members of one family enjoy different things/events and it is very hard to find things that match everyone’s desires. So, my mission was to find ways to discover how to match my family’s needs for entertainment, in order to keep budget under control; and to allow my family to spend joyful time altogether. I read books about group dynamics, how to find common hobbies and interests and other stuff like that. I even completed tests to better understand people around me, but it was very difficult to match football enthusiasm of my husband with biking hobby of my son; and my love for nature.

Families are entities created by love and when in love there is little room to think about such differences. But, when routine takes place in family’s life, we face our differences that tend to stretch family tights. A friend of mine used to say: “A couple could stand together for a long time, only if partners do not hate each-others hobbies and desires”. Add to this equation children and we find ourselves in situations when family feels like a burden that does not allow individuals to be themselves. Or, elsewhere, there are families with mothers sacrificing everything for kids and husband, and the rest of family enjoying life as they wish. I call these unbalanced families, as they are not built based on equality principals.

“I know every family has its problems. But I admire those that stick together.”

Entertainment is very important for family, as it allows family members to relax, to express oneself and to refill with positive energy. It is very important to work hard to discover things that all family could do together and feel good. The more family activities we do, more laughs and joy we share, and the stronger our family bonds are. I love the time we spend as family in the dinning table, especially on weekends when we run off the city to our country house. May and September are the best periods for eating outside under the shadow of trees and with the country flagrance. We enjoy it so much and we invite our extended families and friends. Another compromise we have reached as family are long walks in the seaside. All three of us enjoy the time spend together, while breathing refreshing and healthy air of the sea. I’m still working to find city entertainments that fit my family needs; and my budget too.

One thing I wanted to clarify is that family entertainment should not exclude individual entertainment. We all need some time out of family to spend it with other people and invest it into own interests. My point is that we should claim to have all family enjoy time spent together. We should be creative and persistent to make sure family entertainment adds value to our family happiness. For all you my friends that are struggling with this issue, I say ‘Yes, It can be done’. Just, don’t be satisfied with good or average, shoot for the best quality for entertainment of your family and time spent together. Never give up in your efforts to make your time spent together worth while and your family happy.

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