Parenting – Satisfaction or Sacrifice?

I am pretty young in age as a parent. The bright diamond of my life, my daughter has only 19 months. But, I have to say this has been a tremendous change in my life. These months have been the longest months ever. I had little sleep – not good at all for me as I love sleeping. I had little time to take care of myself – I really suffer this as it’s an important part of my life as female. I had little attention to take care of my relationship with my partner – no need to say how much I miss our time together. And, there is a long time since I’ve been out enjoying some time out without diapers to change, baby feeding, sleeping … I can go on with things like this for a long time, but I better stop here before young couples get scared. On the other side, these months have been the shortest in my life. I couldn’t believe how fast my daughter was celebrating her 1-st birthday. If it was not for photos, I can say those months never went through.

During this period, I’ve been very active in parenting discussions, asking questions and listening carefully. I’m amazed with some parents, especially mothers, that claim what a great satisfaction is to raise kids, take care and educate them. So far, this is not my impression at all. Maybe I’m still in the sacrificing period of my parenting experience, as my daughter is still a baby, but when I imagine teenage period, I think parenting is not going to be a very satisfying experience at all. However, I decided to invite other parents into this discussion by asking them to became part of a poll at our Facebook page.

Question of the poll was: Do you think Parenting is: More Satisfaction or More Sacrifice? There were 51 parents that participated with their opinions, and I’d like to thank you them all. I’m sure you are curious to know how parents voted, here are the poll results:

53% of Parents think Parenting is more Satisfaction.

47% of parents think Parenting is more Sacrifice.

They were many comments from parents saying that Parenting is both Satisfaction + Sacrifice, but this was not an alternative in the poll.

This is the miracle of Parenting. Despite all the difficulties and deprivations parents face as individuals, children remain the center of their universe. Children have the power to transform our lives. They give as the parent attribute and push us to further explore our potential, most of the time going beyond our boundaries (real or imaginary ones). And, there is only one condition that makes this possible, the Love our children donate us every minute. Their presence (children’s) cause a unique reaction into our brain releasing the Love Hormone, that makes everything more beautiful and our bond with our children stronger.

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What I love about Parenting is that such bond is eternal. Doesn’t matter if parents leave in the some house with children or not, they will be parents for life. Doesn’t matter if parents in certain moments of life start to think sacrifice is more they can handle, very soon they will change their mind and go back into the satisfaction mood and enjoy life with children again. Being a parent is not easy. It is a road full of choices and decisions made without ego while considering more than one person only.

Sometimes in discussions with my friends and relatives I keep saying: “Children are the most unpredictable investment in life”. We don’t know if they are going to turn around to be good children for us, good citizens for the society, good sister/brother for their siblings and good professionals. We don’t know if they are going to be a source of pride and prosperity for our family, or a source of sorrows and destruction instead. It is a mysterious combination of various factors, that we as parents and their creators do not control completely.

So, many times I wonder whether exists a golden limit which shows how much parents should sacrifice for their children. I guess the answer for this question depends on the mentality of the parents and their own experiences as children with their parents. Still, I stand for the theory that parents’ contribution for raising the child should not be counted as a burden on the future of the children. Because parents decided to sacrifice everything for their children, it doesn’t mean children should consider this as a burden to be paid back. I think every parent should think of the sacrifices they do to raise their children as a contribution given without direct return. We choose to become parents, we decide how much we sacrifice for them and at the end we only could hope to be able to build strong enough ties of trust and love with our children to be able to support each-other through difficulties of life. Happy Parenting!

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