A Different Kind of Baby

Are you familiar with the feeling when someone has left a baby boy at your door and you suddenly find yourself taking care of a baby, but you know nothing about it? I’ve experienced such feeling with a baby dog. This is my story with my dog, Blonde. It was my birthday and I saw something moving in the porch. I went out to see better, and I found this cute dog, all blonde, sitting there scared. I had never had a dog before in my life. For 20 years I have mothered cats, a boy and a girl, but I did not had experiences with dogs.

I’ll never forget the sight in his eyes that day; he was scared and hungry and almost begging me to help him. He was dirty too; it was raining the night before and his pelage was full of mud. I fed him, we had plenty of food at home that day. He started to sniff my legs and shaking his tail to thank me. I left him outside, thinking that he would leave after eating. But No. The dog has made his mind, he would turn my house into a home for himself. He stayed there and slowly gained our love and our hearts. We decided to name him Blonde, due to the color of his pelage.

Blonde first bath was an adventure. It was my moms idea to clean the dog, so we brought him in the bathroom and washed him with my shampoo. It was the second day he appeared at my door and we had not decided yet what to do with him. It was amazing the way he behaved during the bath: quite, obedient. His hair came out to be very dry after the bath, pH was not the right one for dogs, but I knew nothing about that stuff at the time. After bath Blonde turned out to be the most beautiful dog in the neighborhood-:)

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But, very difficult one with food. On the third day of his stay with us, he displayed how fastidious would be with food. He did not prefer dog food, only well done meat freshly cooked. With time I learned that Blonde likes to be slim and regulates the amount of food based on seasons and hours of the day. At first I used to feed him three times per day, but I learned that was wrong and I was damaging his appetite by doing so. We ended up feeding him once for day, the only exception he would do were carrots. You should see how pleased he is when eats carrots. But, there is another but again, he likes them peeled and divided into small portions-:)

Another change Blonde did to our house routine was not to allow anyone at all in the house, except family members. He was so fond of the house and we ended up telling everyone not to show at our home by surprise: otherwise the dog will attack them. You should see me tie and untie the dog any time someone entered or left the house. Similar behavior happened with the walks I did with Blonde. He was so keen of controlling his territory, and would go crazy if a dog, or cat, or birds and flies show up there. He did not like male dogs, always attempts to attack them. While, on the other side he loved female dogs, especially the one with white hair. Blonde was lucky, he was the only boy among 5 females in our back street. As soon as Blonde and I started to get ready to go for walk all the five ‘ladies’ would run out to salute him and play with him. He felt like a king -:)

What else can I tell you about my boy. There are so many unpleasant things he does every day, but he is very smart, sweet and loving. A different baby to take care about.

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