Family Trips – Safety comes First

This is the time of the year my family start to plan summer holidays. My husband is very keen to plan things ahead. Not Myself! When I was single I planned, organized and performed holidays, all, within three days. It worked better for me that way and I’ve had wonderful holidays full of adventures. But, this is not the case anymore, now we are planning summer and winter holidays ahead. But, I keep surprising my family on Thursday nights with my ‘right away’ plans for weekends -:)

This year we plan to travel far and spent summer holidays in Bali, Indonesia. We are all very exciting about this year’s holidays, as we’ve seen and heard wonderful things about Bali and I ‘m talking about things like this:

But, the recent airplane crash in Ethiopia and especially an article in The Guardian about the tragedy of a Canadian family on their way to spend family holidays in Kenya, really disturbed me. I’m not a fatalist and I know one plane crash is not the end of the world. But, I start wondering about safety of family holidays. How can we be sure to have holidays free of safety risk? Do such holidays exist? What are the factor we should consider while planning our holidays?

There are several risks we should consider while planning our family holidays:

Travel Risk – what transportation means will be used. Different transportation means berry various level of risk. Based on statistical data this is the order of transportation means as per risk for accidents: airplane, bus, transit rail, rail, ferry, car, motorcycle. Travelling by plane berry the lowest risk and motorcycle the high risk for accidents. OK, we’re planning to go in Bali by plane, the safest way of transportation. Recent developments are showing we should pay attention and get informed ahead even for the type of airplane we shall travel by checking their accident rates.

Stability Risk – what is the country reputation for criminality rates. I’m talking about the country we shall visit for holidays. Bali scores OK in terms of criminal records, but this is not the case for many other well known travel destinations. Something else to consider here is the political stability of the country. Is it a place having civil warfare or similar issues that may endanger our holidays.

Country Physical Risk – is the place we are visiting risky in terms of earthquakes, storms, hurricanes or tsunamis. If yes, we better avoid high-risk periods of the year. What about the terrain we are going: is it safe in terms of wild fauna, dangerous terrains (mountains, sea, lake, etc) and other stuff like that. Family trips require optimal conditions for all family members. If you travel with little kids, it is very dangerous to go in the mountain or in a deep water coast.

Exotic Risk – what do we know about the place and its customs. Most of the time tourists suffer higher prices due to lack of information. But, there are places that have weird customs and information in advance to the trip is necessary.

Disappointment Risk – does the place has all things our family need to enjoy great holidays. Most of the time what travel agents tell us is not enough, we need to get information from other independent sources. I’ve heard many friends of mine coming back from holidays disappointed, because the place was not at their expectations. Make sure not to allow such thing to happen to your holidays.

Financial Risk – are we planning holidays based on our wallet. Experienced travelers know well that holiday budget should cover more than the booking of trip, hotel and meals. There are other expenses needed during holidays, that you cannot miss. Plan to have enough money with you while hit the road for your family holidays. Make sure you receive information about usage of banking cards and availability of places to withdraw money.

Health Risk – are there spread diseases in the place we’re going. There are WHO (World Health Organisation) statistics that shows profile for each country and what measures should be taken by people travelling in that country. Follow their instruction to avoid health risk during your family trips.

Sometimes I think my husband is right. It takes time and good thinking and information to take the right decision for family holidays. Fortunately, we live in the time of information and we can navigate about almost everything just by sitting in our homes. My advise is to be careful and to check the source of your information and cross-check different sources before coming out with a conclusion. Personally, I read tourists impressions, as they tell what have experienced and felt while visiting a place. Family holidays are supposed to be a great time, so take the time to make them be memorable moments that will bring family closer. Careful planning is good; still the group should have an improviser, which will turn any challenge into opportunity for fun and adventure for all. Should you find this article useful, like and share it with your friends and followers in social networks.

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