The Hiden Talent of Blonde I didn’t Know

Hi, I’m back again to talk about my fabulous dog Blonde. For you hearing his name for the first time, click here to read how Blonde and myself met in the first place. Blonde have been capable to surprise and challenge me since the first day I saw him. He is a dog full of unusual behaviors and the worst thing is that when he misbehaves he does it on purpose. It’s either to show me that he is unhappy about something or because he wants to have my attention. But, today I was really surprised from his behavior. Blonde did something I’d never seen doing before. Let me show it by video what was his performance today:

You Tube: Blonde Hidden Talent Video.

Instagram: Blonde Hidden Talent Video

If you’re back here means you’re still laughing and would like to hear the story behind the scenes in the video. To be sincere with you, I have heard him doing the same action before, but it was more of a crying and happened one day all family went out and we did not take him with us. He started to growling with loud voice and I could here his voice even at the end of the neighborhood. I considered that action as normal as his ancestors were wolves and is normal he would go back to his roots in critical moments. But, today Blonde was not doing the same, he was singing in duet with the hissing of my son’s old plastic cockerel. We repeated the hissing several time with pauses, and he kept singing every time my son would do the hissing. Yes my friends, today after three and a half years of cohabitation I realized I have a singer at my home. This promising star is my four legs’ friend, Blonde. Now, I’m thinking to expand his repertory with new songs and who knows, maybe one day he will stop doing covers and will have his first solo success -:)

This was the surprise I received from Blonde today. I don’t know how rare this phenomenon is among dogs’ community, but for sure it was a nice surprise for me and my family. We shall be in touch until Blonde’s next surprise. Should you find this article and the video of Blonde funny and entertaining, Like and Share it with your friends and followers in social networks.

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