Grandparents – the Valuable Presence in our Children Lives

So far, what I miss most in my life is the absence of the love and presence of my grandparents. Both my parents were orphans when they met. I’ve always envied my friends and their stories about holidays spent at grandma house. My grandparents’ absence was something standing in the air and partially filled with the memories of my parents for them. But, I would have never thought that the real pain about such absence would be int he time I became a mother myself. My son was so lucky to have my mother living with us, and anytime I saw his joy while spending time with her, made me feel the pain straight to my heart. I had no chance to experience such relationship in my life and as much happy I was for my son, I felt sad with the same intensity.

On the other side, my mother had a close relationship with her grandparents. She is the first niece in her extended family and both her grandparents loved her very much. She always told me her memories with grandparents and I could feel in her voice the softness and nostalgia. But, I’m sure the birth of my child is probably the greatest joy in her life. It was the first time for her to become a grandma and she is living this experience very intensively. She stands right next to me for all needs of my son. She teaches him how to play with his games, numbers, letters, etc. I adore the portrait of them sitting together and communicating very softly and so much involvement, like nothing else exists. They both gain so much from this relationship and I’m surprised how come they never fed up with the tremendous amount of love they give and receive.

I believe we are all lucky in our family, as we enjoy very much each-other presence. Most of my mother’s friends don’t live with their children and grandchildren and I can see how much they envy my mother and my son. They are sad most of the time as they miss their grandchildren so much. Recently, I’ve read in Oxford Academic about a study performed about this topic, and it’s findings do confirm that grandparents who are closely related to their grandchildren live a better life and face less risk of falling in depression. On the other side, grandchildren that grow up having close relationships with their grandparents face less risk of falling in depression during their adolescence.

This is a very important finding and a great appeal for parents to think twice when they take decisions about location of their houses. Children require presence of grandparents in their lives in order to be mentally healthy and to live a better life. I’m not saying you all go and live with your parents, as that is a family decision. We, as parents should make sure to allow our children to enjoy their grandparents. I know sometimes is difficult to get along well with our parents due to their ‘desire’ to interfere in everything and to give instructions for everything. Not considering the strange competition between two grandfathers and two grandmothers fighting to confirm who loves the most grandchildren and who has a greater influence in decisions for the children education and more. However, the benefits in well-being of both children and grandparents are a strong factor to stay connected with the extended family and allow grandparents to play their role in spoiling and loving them. Should you find this article interesting and useful, please Like and Share it with your friends and followers in social networks.

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