A Nice Walk with my Little Friend’s Cute Family

Yesterday, I went for a walk with my family. It was a nice spring afternoon, not cold neither hot, just the perfect temperature for a walk waiting for the sunset. My daughter was almost at sleep in her baby carriage breathing the fresh air of the sea. We were so much enjoying that moment, and ignored the barking of some dogs behind us. Since I became a mother, I’m very attentive when walk on the street with my daughter. I watch hands of the people around me if they have anything that could damage my child and any animal out-of-control. Sorry for the paranoia, but our mind is so full of unbelievable terrorists’ stories causing damages to people on the street.

Anyway, the barking kept become louder and I turned around to see what was happening. I could not believe my eyes … my friend with four legs, Bato, was running after us together with family. He was trying to call us to wait for them by barking to us. I was so surprised from that scene, especially watching the three little puppies that have come in life two months ago. They were so so cute. Finally they reached us and start coming around us sniffing everything. Bato and his love saluted us, we know them both very well as they stay in our neighborhood, even though are free street dogs. I feed them time after time with leftovers from our food and they both love Blonde, you remember my dog from previous stories.

We kept walking and this time we were two families walking/running together. Puppies and their mother went on the sand to play together, while my friend Bato walked next to my daughter’s carriage. This was the first time we met the whole family together, and we had a beautiful and special time with them. I was cached by surprise in the first moment and I was not able to film their fantastic arrival. But, I made sure to capture and share some of those beautiful moments with you, so you all enjoy some nice moments with Bato’s Family. Here I go with video:

Instagram: Bato’s Cute Family

You Tube: Bato’s Cute Family

It is amazing the loyalty and love animals, dogs in particular, are able to give. Bato’s family rejoice our afternoon walk and left us with a wonderful positive feeling of pure love. It is very rare to get the same feeling from people and this is a sad thing. However, beautiful moments remain beautiful and this time it was thanks to my little friends with four legs.

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