How to make Healthy Cornelian Cherry Tea – Grandma XHENI Recipe

Have you heard the Albanian Saying “It set the boundary at the Cornelian Cherry tree”? Its origin is from ancient Illyria, where the Cornelian Cherry tree was considered to be sacred one. At that tome, whenever there were disputes among people about the boundaries of properties, the Council of Elders wound solve the dispute and would plant Cornelian Cherry trees to set the new boundary. This act served to finally seal the decided deal; in other words they set the boundary at the Cornelian Cherry trees -:)

Cornelian cherries are part of the forest fruits group, very famous as strong antioxidants that help combating diabetes and delays aging. Cornelian, in particular, has the ability to reduce internal fever; especially when is mixed with fresh pomegranate juice. Keeping these in kind, Grandma Xheni makes sure to always have ready Cornelian Tea at house. She uses the method of congealment to conserve the Cornelian fruits, which are harvested during summer. Today, we’ll share the recipe of Healthy Cornelian Cherries Tea:

There are two ingredients needed for preparation of Healthy Cornelian Cherries Tea: Cornelian Cherries fruits and filtered water. Make sure to get well-ripe Cornelian fruits, so the Tea will not need added-sugar. The Cornelian fruits in the photo are frozen ones, conserved at the congealment department of the fridge.

Ingredientes para el té de Cornalina: Frutas de Cornalina y agua filtrada. Las frutas de Cornalina en la foto son congeladas conservadas en el departamento de congelación de la nevera.

Wash the Cornelian fruits with abundant water and let them drain the water in a colander. Put the Cornelian fruits in a big stew-pot and add cold filtered water. For this preparation I used 1 kg of Cornelian Cherries fruits with 5 l of filtered water. Put it on medium heat and let it simmer.

Lavar las frutas de Cornalina con abundante agua. Ponerlos en una marmita y añadir agua filtrada. Para esta receta utilicé 1 kg de frutos de Cornalina y 5 l de agua firtered frío. Ponerlos a fuego medio.

Make sure to remove the scum that comes out in the surface. Allow the preparation to simmer until the Cornelian Fruits change their color into pallid pink. Remove from heat and press the Cornelian fruits with the help of a big spoon, in order to give off the whole flagrance.

Retire la escoria que sale de la superficie. Permitir que la preparación hierva a fuego lento hasta que las frutas de Cornealina cambian su color a rosa pálido. Retirar del fuego y presionar los frutos de Cornalina con la ayuda de una cuchara grande, con el fin de desprender toda la flagrancia.

Cover the stew-pot and let it cool down completely. Then, decant the tea by using a hemp.

Cubra la olla y deje que se enfríe completamente. Decantar el té utilizando un cáñamo.

Make sure to re-press the Cornelian fruits with the big spoon at the hemp too.

Presiona de nuevo las frutas de Cornalina con la cuchara grande en el cáñamo también.

You may conserve the Healthy Cornelian Cherry Tea in glass bottles in the refreshing part of the fridge.

Conserve el saludable té de Cornalina en botellas de vidrio en la parte refrescante de la nevera. Usted puede beber el té de Cornalina saludable todos los días, con azúcar añadido o no.
Abuela Xheni bebe endulzado con una cucharadita de miel.

¡Buen provecho!

You may drink the Healthy Cornelian Cherry Tea every day, with added sugar or not. Grandma Xheni drinks it sweetened with a tea spoon of honey. Bon Appetite!

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Cornelian Cherry fruits could be conserved in the dried form too. I recall enjoying them a lot, when the grandma of my neighbor used to bring them to her. Cornelian Cherries could be processed as Cornelian Cherries Jam and Cornelian Brandy (raki). Cornelian Cherries Jam is uniquely tasty, as it comes a little sour. Cornelian Brandy is transparent, similar to filtered water, and is very healthy to be used as treatment for the body: one teaspoon per day.

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