April 1st Social Media Stars’ List

One month flew and here we are with the updates on the List of Social Media Stars. Just to refresh your memory, we keep note of celebrities on social media and do a ranking of top ten celebrities most followed on social media.

If you are curious to know what was the ranking of Social Media Stars on March 1-st, click the links below to find out:

Instagram: March 1-st Most Loved Celebrity List

You Tube: March 1-st Most Loved Celebrities List

Welcome back! Before going to this month ranking, please note that March was a positive month for all our celebrities: All of them have increased the number of their followers on Social Media. This means they continue to be loved and followed, and public continue to like their work. For sure, we are all anxious to know who is the champion for this month …

To find out who is the king, who has more followers in the world and how many, who increased more number of followers, and other news, please click in the links below:

Instagram: April 1-st Social Media Stars’ Ranking

You Tube: April 1-st Social Media Stars’ Ranking

I hope you enjoyed our video and finding out the most loved celebrity in the world for this month. We shall keep monitoring for you the situation on Social Media and we shall meet next month for updates. Till then, continue reading our blog and don’t forget to follow celebrities you love. Cheers!

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