Feeding Blonde – Not an Easy Mission

Hi there! I’m back with another story of Blondie. I’m sure you remember him from my previous article, where I told the story how I got Blondie in my home. This time I’d like to tell you how I learned to feed Blondie.

Blondie is very difficult when it comes to eating. I don’t know why he is so spoiled with food, but it took me a while to learn all his ‘bad’ habits with food. The first days he came to our home, he was quite hungry and ate everything we gave him. I didn’t have previous experiences with dog feeding, only once with a friend of mine who had a German Pastor (female). I went to my friend’s house for a visit and I climbed the stairs from behind, because Shila, this was the name of her dog, was barking so loud and threatening me with her teeth. I stayed there while she prepared the food of Shila and it was a big stew-pot filled with beef bones, rise, vegetables and bread. She cooked them all together, throw them in a plastic washbowl and let it next to Shila. When I left I saw the washbowl empty and the dog sitting on the ground. Shila was very satisfied with the food, and she did not even bark on me on my way out-:)

So, I started to make Blondie’s food in the same way as Shila’s. But, Blondie was not Shila. He would come closed to his bowl, sniff the food and just went away. I didn’t know what to do with him. Sometimes I fed him with my hand, again he would eat only three bites to pleased me and went away. I talked to a vet about it and he told me to buy dogs’ food. So, I bought food in the supermarket, animal section. Blondie did not like it at all. I gave away more than three bags of dry food. I bought him those poles that are good for the teeth and full of mineral salts. At first he misled me; he took the pole in his mouth and run at the upper part and soon came back without it. I was surprised how fast he ate it. But two days later I found the place dirty of soil. I followed the dirtiness and I saw the plants’ vases extracted and the poles were laying in the vase. Blondie did dig in all the poles in different flower-pots and then went there to take them out. That was the last time I brought fancy extra food at home for Blondie. I realized he was a simple dog it its essence-:)

I tried everything: dry food alone, cooked food alone, mixing dry food with cooked food; but Blondie did not seemed to like the food I prepared for him. My friends told me not to change the food, as he would eat it when he turns hungry. But, this was not his case; if he did not like the food, he would starve and not eat the food. At summer time he became impossible with the food, ate just a little once in three days and I kept throwing cooked food away most of the days.

What I didn’t know was that I had the solution right inside my house. Blondie was not the only animal we had in our home. I have a cat named Kodi. Blondie and Kodi hate each-other, but this is another story for another day. One day I took Blondie at the bathroom to have a shower. I left him there and went to take my gloves, and when I was back I found him eating the cat’s food.

Cat’s food Blondie likes to eat.

I was surprised. Finally, I found some food Blondie did like to eat. Next day I went to the Veterinary Pharmacy I always bought Kodi’s food and ask for dog food of the same trademark. There were plenty of types of food for dogs from the same company and I never saw them before. Anytime I went to buy cat’s food I ran because is so bad to park there; I double park the car and come back in one minute, so no time to see what else is in the shelves of the pharmacy. The vet advised me to take food for puppies, as “it is better for energy and strength for the dog”. Puppies’ food was very similar to my cat’s food, the rings were a little bit bigger.

So, I started to feed Blondie with the new food and he seems to like it better than other foods before. But, this was not the end of the food’s story. By eating that food he became gushing. Anytime, I would go out with him for walk, we ended up running like we were racing for the 100 m in Olympic Games. Blondie was high energy dog even before, but with the energy food he was unbelievable. He almost broke the entrance door, bumping on it when asking to go for walk. He would bark to everything passing on the street and on the air (birds, flies, etc.) In other words, he was Fast and Furious 9. I went back to the Vet and took the food for adults, which improved somehow the situation.

The food for adult dogs Blondie is currently eating.

Now, Blondie’s regime is composed of three types of food:

Dry food Blondie is eating now.
Cooked food: These are simmer chicken wings mixed with white bread.
Blondie eats two carrots/day and like them peeled and cut in poles shapes. He want me to feed him carrots one by one, otherwise does not eat them at all.

And, of course every other things I give him from my food, which he treats like candies. He does not prefer to use the tumbler I took for water, he better like to drink water from the bucket I leave outside for birds.

Blondie drinks water from this bucket, sharing it with birds. Of course no bird could come close when he is staying outside in the terrace.

This is my story with the feeding of Blondie. Sometimes I say, it was easier to feed my son (the human one) rather than learning to feed Blondie. In certain moments sound like an impossible mission, but we finally have found the solution and we both live a happier life. Catch you next time with another story of Blondie and myself.

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