How to Raise our Children as Free Citizens of the World

Globalization is a thesis that is mentioned more and more in the recent decades. When listen to the propaganda in media and elsewhere, poor man start to believe world is close to functioning as one. But it is not true. I’ve noticed on my searches in the recent weeks, that world is so divided even in very small details. I’ve celebrated children’s day always on June 1st. But this is not the case for children in Hong Kong and Taiwan. They celebrated their day on April 3rd. Children in Hungary celebrate their day on May 26th, Norway on May 17th, UK children on May 12, US on July 9th, Germany and Austria on September 20th, etc.

The same approach applies for Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Grandparents’ Day, etc. All these days are non-religious related, non-country related and they all have universal meaning. They celebrate universal emotions and ties, such as family bonds. Still, different countries celebrate separately. I was curious to understand the story behind these dates in each countries, and all I found out was that most of these days were decided during Cold War or during Big Empires Era. These were historical periods where world was divided in parts and there was no room for concept of globalization. Even though progress is made on globalization and global bodies and organisations function since many years now, citizens of world continue to live and celebrate common Days separately, remaining hostages of the past.

I want my children to be citizens of the world. I want them to think more of things that unites the world, then those that set us apart. I want the generation of our children to do more about sustainability of the planet, about finding ways to further explore galaxy and universe. I want them to deal with real problems of the planet: pollution, global warming, conservation of ecosystems, extension of human lifespan, healing of terminated diseases, etc.

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I keep thinking what should I do to help my son see the big picture and think big. How can I explain to my child why he celebrates mother’s day on March 8-th and his cousin in UK celebrates his mother’s day on March 31-st. I spent one day explaining him why his cousins in different countries celebrated Children’s Day before or after June 1-st. How can I answer his naive question: “Mama, why other children (his cousins) do not celebrate on June 1-st but in other days? Aren’t they children like me?” Please anyone, help me how to explain him about cold and hot wars and inability of global leaders and global organisations to make children’s lives easier and allow them to celebrate at the same time their Day.

Globalization should not be just an economical concept to allow corporation business to increase their profits, or political concept to allow political leaders to feed their ego for bigger power. It should be a notion of making people think as one, humans that should work together to improve their lives and to protect their planet. The more I think about this, the more I agree with a fantastic and so much true quote of the greatest Charlie Chaplin:

“You need Power, only when you want to do something harmful otherwise Love is enough to get everything done.”

I think it’s time to be aware that all the power is in common people hands. If we would just spent less time gossiping for other people and less energy on admiring and supporting powerful people. And, if we could think more about important matters for our well-being and planet sustainability. I believe such change could make all the difference in the world. By changing our way of thinking, we should be able to be responsible citizens and raise our children as free citizens of the world.

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