How to Take Good Care for Babies 0 – 6 Months

This article is dedicated to new parents, those having first babies. The most difficult period of parenting are the first six months of your baby. Nothing can prepare you for what happens after you hear the voice of your baby for the first time. Neither books, or online literature, or the strongest desire to be a parent. It is a unique experience, beautiful and sometimes very hard; at least such was mine. I shall try to help you, as new parents, with lessons learned from my own experience and advice I’ve received from other parents, proven to be correct after trying myself.

When I started to write this article I meant to have one article with 10 – 15 practical tips. On the way to write it, I found myself in the situation that the space of one article was not enough to tell all those details that make practical tips interesting and useful. So, I ended up writing the introduction of a chapter with Practical Tips for Raising Babies 0 – 6 months. The following list will be completed with related articles day-after-day, so keep coming back to be able to learn on each topic of taking care of babies 0 – 6 months.

Here I go with the Topics to be covered for Raising Babies 0-6 Months:

  1. How to Prepare Yourself for Baby Arrival
  2. How to Prepare The First Functional Wardrobe for Your Baby
  3. Purchasing The First Necessary Products for Your Baby
  4. How to Choose the Best Equipments for your Baby
  5. 10 Helpful Advice about Baby Hygiene & Bathing
  6. Best Practices to be Followed When Your Baby Cries
  7. Best Advice for Successful Breastfeeding & Vitamins
  8. How to Plan The Time Out in Nature for Your Baby
  9. Helpful Advice about When Your Baby has Reddening Skin
  10. How to Perform Best Physical Exercises for Your Baby
  11. How to Create the Best Daily Regime for your Baby
  12. When Your Baby has High Temperature
  13. How to Properly Monitor the Growth of Your Baby
  14. The Best Regime for Medical Checks & Vaccines for Your Baby
  15. Best Advice on How to Entertain Your Baby

These has been the areas requiring attention in the first six months of raising my baby. I hope you’ll find tips and advise in these articles useful and applicable in your situation.

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