How to Prepare Yourself for Baby Arrival

This is one of the articles in the series “How to Take Good Care for Babies 0 – 6 Months”. Today we shall talk about parents and how they can prepare themselves physiologically for the birth of the baby.

Have you ever heard the priceless expression, commonly repeated to pregnant women? “It’s all set as long as you carry your baby in the belly. Wait and see want will happen after you’ll give birth”. As much unpleasant is sound, especially to a pregnant lady, there are some truth to it. Childbirth brings tremendous changes in parents’ life, especially in mother’s life. It is such an intense and rapid change, that there is no enough time to adjust naturally to it. You find yourself doing stuff you never did before, and add to that the fact that there is a small creature involved, the whole thing is a source of big stress.

Advice to be Considered During Pregnancy:

  1. Read Books about Pregnancy and Parenting. Somehow they prepare you for what is coming next. Do not lose time going deep into the medical part, focus on the practicalities of parenting. Leave medical part for specialists.
  2. In order to better understand the market for kids’ stuff, Visit as Many Shops for Kids as you can. Personally, I had no idea about babies’ things until then. Knowing the market help for better planning on baby’s expenses too.
  3. Enjoy Life Before Giving Birth: take good care for your look, trips, visit places, enjoy night life, etc. There will be a while until you may enjoy again such ‘luxuries’.
  4. Make Sure not to Schedule Big Load Works or set term works at least for the first 60 days post-partum.
  5. Choose to Meet Only Positive People during your pregnancy. Positive energy they give to you will be a great help for things to come.
  6. Unfortunately, there will be a long period of little sleep, so Make Sure to get as much rest as you can before getting there.
  7. Listen Lots of Music. It is advisable to hear as much classic music during pregnancy, as it help with brain development of the baby and to relax you.

Practical Tips Post Partum:

  1. Do not host people at home. It is excessive tiredness in an inadequate time.
  2. Ask for help from people around you (extended family or friends) for house working. If you can hire someone to do them for you.
  3. Presume some rest for yourself when baby is sleeping. Resting is very important in the first months post-partum.
  4. Focus only on important matters. Do not loose time and energy on things such as: why my house is not clean as before, etc.
  5. Once for week, plan to do one activity by yourself (style your hair, take a massage, have a coffee , or any other thing you usually enjoy.) It will help you to break the new routine and regain energy.
  6. Make sure to perform, on regular basis, basic activities for yourself (having shower, brush your hair, remove your beard, dress well, eat well, etc.). I know you’re laughing right now, but please do not forget about this advice when you’ll be living the first two months post-partum.

Advice for both phases and further:

The only Decision-makers for your child are You, his/her Parents! Focus on the well-being of you baby, rather that paying attention to all the noise (words) and interference from all sides, especially from extended families. Trust your parent’s instinc, listen to the specialists’ advice (pediatrician) and consider only valuable advice from people around you. Make sure to validate everything by considering the well-being of your baby.

These were our practical tips and advice for parents-to-become during pregnancy and post-partum period regarding: Psychological Preparation and Self-Care for them (parents). We hope our advice should come closer to you in one of the most wonderful and most developing phases of your life.

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