Paris without Notre Dame

Yesterday was the Universal Day of Culture, a day dedicated to promotion and protection of cultural monuments. I had a talk with my little boy about most beautiful natural monuments and those build my human hand. Among the photos I showed to him was The Famous Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris in France. It was a nice time we spent together, which I enjoyed very much. But it was not said for my day to finish as such. I couldn’t believe to my eyes while I saw the same cathedral, this time live in the News, burning out and nothing could be done. There were so many memories passing though my eyes at the time I saw Notre Dame getting destroyed in the middle of the flames. It was incredible, and it is still unbelievable.

The words I told to my son in the morning, kept coming to my mind: “This is the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame di Paris in France. It is one of the greatest cultural monuments in the world and is still open for functions. Mom and dad has visited it in our first trip to Paris. Next year we shall go altogether to visit it.” Unfortunately, I would not be able to keep that promise to my son, and I have to take the time to explain him why. But I’m not able to do it now, as I don’t know what exactly happened. The whole world is asking why the Notre Dame cathedral burned exactly on the day of protection of such monuments? How come it happened exactly in the Easter Week? Is this something done on purpose? Or was it accidental?

Instead, I’d like to go back and tell you about my personal experience with Notre Damn Cathedral. For the first time I read about it on the Victor Hygo’s book with the same name “Notre Dame de Paris”. I was a teenager at the time, and I recall myself imagining the building of the cathedral while reading the master description of the french writer. My perception about it was to be a mysterious place, especially the dome, the ‘house’ of Quasimodo. All characters of the book moved around the cathedral and playing their roles. Meanwhile, I must say when I went there for real, I experienced strange feelings. The cathedral was not the way I imagined it. The Cathedral Notre Dame was more magnificent then my imagination. The outside view of the building was very impressive. I arrived there by twilight time and it was a great building covered in mystery. My partner and I went around it to see the whole of it. It was fantastic.

When we went inside I felt a bit disappointed. The cathedral was full of smoke from candles and we could hardly distinguish anything of the dome, partly due to the fact that the light there was very low. I wanted to see Quazimodo place and the priest’s and all other book characters. Instead I saw a overpopulated place, full of people. There were some religious functions going on inside the cathedral and probably not the right time to visit the cathedral as a tourist. Still, it was an impressive visit, as many other visits to the great monuments of Paris. I recall we kept commenting for a while our visit to Notre Dame and Paris with our friends when back home.

Unfortunately, visiting Paris will not be the same again. Yes, there are lots of other beautiful and attractive places to visit there, but people will miss the visit to the Famous Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. It will be one page empty in the ‘Album of Paris’. It is a great loss for the Catholics of France and those worldwide, as they lost one of the monuments that served as the proud of their religion. It is a big loss for world culture, as it was lost a unique monument of 850 years age. There have been huge similar looses to world heritage buildings and artifacts in the Middle East in the last 5 years.

It is incredible how come people dare to destroy thousands of years of history, in the most civilizes era of humanity. Are we the most egoist generation that embed our children to learn and get satisfied from visiting of historical heritage monuments? I guess the answer is: “Yes, some of us are very egoistic or very eye-blinded from hate that release their anger to unique buildings, that are build with sacrifices and dreams of previous generations, they could not even count”. Please, people stop hate and destruction. In the end, no one will win from hate and war. The only result by default will be: Our children will be losers, and will live life in fear and terror. I pray for serenity of children around the world and that God helps people to always find the right way.

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