Do you know that: Babies Can Cure their Moms

Some weeks ago, I told you about the Love Hormone newborns were capable to activate in the brain of their mothers and all the benefits coming from that. But, the magic connection between mother and child has more wonderful things to tell, which continue to fascinate the world.

When we see pregnant women, we think of all the changes their bodies face during this phase: getting weight, changing in silhouette, difficulties in movement, sudden changing of mood, problems with food, etc. What we cannot see, and I didn’t know, is the fact that while in the womb, babies are capable to send stem cells to repair damaged organs of the mother. So, it doesn’t sound unusual to have a healthier new mother after giving birth. Her baby is willing to share stem cells to repair any issue in her organs, making sure the mother is healthy and ready to take care of the newborn.

I don’t know how to name such symbiotic action between a mother and her baby. Miracle is the poorest word that comes to my mind right now. It feels so divine to think that such a little creature is capable to offer life to own mother. Apart from all the pleasure, joy and happiness little babies grant to their parents, it comes out they exchange life favors with their mother. This is probably the reason why babies are so much connected to their mothers, not only when are small but even when they grow up. They smell their mother in their first days in the outer world and continue to feel the special connection with mother for all life.

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