Celebrating Easter All Together

Today Catholics all over the world celebrate Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a celebration of hope and peace among believers and all humanity. It is what world needs more in the middle of fear from terrorism, hate and revenge. It is a message of continuity and belief.

Since I was a little child, I recall Easter from the red eggs my parents gave my siblings and myself in the morning and the ‘game’ of trying whose egg is the strongest with all children of the neighborhood. One year, my brother won the game and we ended up eating boiled eggs, he won, for one week long -:) At the time this was for us the essence of the Easter Day, as we could not understand the spiritual dimension and its message.

I live in a country where all religions are celebrated. My country is famous for the fabulous value of religious harmony among its citizens. In Albania people do respect each-others religion and it is not strange at all to see Muslims congratulate Catholics for the Easter and vice versa Catholics congratulate Muslims for their feast of Eid. And, I mean sincere exchange of felicitation, done without any push or feeling of compulsion. This has been a tradition since centuries in my country and has helped my nation to survive many invasions and attacks from abroad. Faith in God and mutual respect for the neighbor has been the strongest weapon we have used to withstand the tempests of time.

The Blessing of Easter Food

Yesterday morning, Catholics ladies went to the church to bless the food of Easter. They blessed the Easter bread, cheese, eggs, flour, green garlic, etc. to take away the evil and to bring prosperity to their home. It was an interesting ceremony and I don’t know why I was touched by it. Maybe due to the joy I could see in their eyes; they consider it a special moment of their Easter celebrations. All those nice ladies had the look of real homemakers, the same my mother has; somehow they gave me the same feeling of sweet home protected by mother’s love and care.

I love atmosphere of religious celebrations: nicely dressed and smiling people celebrating with families and company. People go in cult places to participate on religious ceremonies and greet each-other wishing best wishes for families. It is a great atmosphere influenced by the grace of God to bring people closer to each-other and to improve the taste of life in general. Easter this year was the same and I really enjoyed it.

Happy Easter to Everyone!

May Peace, Prosperity and the Grace of God

Rest on Your Lives!

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