New Optimistic Treatment for Parkinson Disease

There are some good news coming from Canada for people suffering from Parkinson disease. A new cure is in place and results so far has been very promising and is making the scientists very optimistic.

One of the main problems Parkinson’s patients face is their problem with falling on the ground. Such situation stops them from being comfortable to move outside their homes, thus changing their lives for worse. But, seems to be light in the end of the tunnel.

A new treatment with electrical simulations in their spines has helped some patients to re-gain their confidence in walking without falling. During the application of the cure, scientist have found out that patients facing difficulties with walking for more than 7 years are fully recovered in terms of their ability to move independently. The electrical treatment has activated the response of stimulus from legs to the brain, and this was a new discovery as well, since previously it was assumed that the damage was made to the stimulus that came from brain to the legs.

The great news is that patients are conserving their renewed ability to walk without falling even after discontinuing the treatment. This means that the recuperation is permanent and gives a lot of hope for finding solutions for patience suffering this difficult disease. To read about the real stories of such success, please refer to the original article at BBC.

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