The Most Fantastic Parade of Roses in Tears

This Saturday began under thunders’ sounds and with a dirty grey sky. The rain did not delay to come and it was quite heavy. Staying in the beach in a rainy day is not nice at all, but my mind was planning the action at the end of the rain …

The place I live is full of roses, some with wonderful aroma and others just wonderful. I love roses and enjoy very much standing among them all the time. I couldn’t wait for the rain to come to the end, so I could run outside to take photographs of roses after rain. It was an wonderful experience. The light was perfect and 90% of the photos I took came out perfect. And normally, this is not the case. I was joking with my mother that photos were beautiful because the roses took a shower and were clean -:)

As I really enjoyed taking photos and getting wet, I thought to bring to you some of the magic. I kindly invite you to take 1 minute of your time to see my video with some of the most fantastic photos of roses in tears. Enjoy!

Wonderful photos of Roses after rain.

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