How to Prepare The First Functional Wardrobe for Your Baby

This is one of the articles in the Series How to Take Good Care for Babies 0 – 6 Months“. Today we shall talk about Clothes and Clothing needed for the babies during the first six months of their life.

When waiting the first baby, the desire to buy beautiful baby clothes grows bigger and bigger. Babies’ clothes are not cheap and due to the lack of experience and the variety of clothes available on the shops, new parents could be easily mistaken. Here are some advice and practical tips to be considered when preparing wardrobe for your baby:

  • Do not go crazy with buying baby clothes. Do not buy too many clothes and do not spend money to buy very expensive clothes for your baby.
  • Everything that touches babies 0-6 months (clothes, sheets, blankets, etc.) must be 100% cotton and must have the label of ‘safe from hazard elements’.
  • Do not buy lots of clothes before your baby is born. You never know what exact stature will have the baby.
  • Always buy clothes with size 0-6 months in the beginning to make sure you could use them for some time.
  • Clothes for your baby must be soft in touching and with alike colors for easiness in washing them.
  • Babies in this age grow up pretty fast and will use the clothes for maximum 2 months. So, plan to prepare clothes only for the first three months since the first day. And, get more clothes when baby is around 3 months age.
  • Baby Suits with 5 pieces (blouse, pants with footwear, baby cap, baby gloves and baby pinny) are the best choice for the post-partum period. We recommend to have up to 8 baby suits that will be more than enough for the first 3-4 months.
Baby suit with 5 pieces
  • Body clothing (bodies) are necessary for the first 6 months of the baby. Depending on the date of birth you may buy more or less bodies with long leaves or short ones. Make sure to have at least 12 bodies size 0-6 months since the first day of your baby.
Short-leaves and long’leaves bodies for babies
  • Babies 0-6 months need clothes and clothing. Pay attention to get baby sheets, baby blankets, baby towels, and cheesecloth for babies.
  • Baby sheets must be in appropriate size 110 x 70 cm, soft, 100% safe cotton and possibly nicely decorated. Have up to 10 sheets (5 pairs) since the beginning.
  • Baby towels should be of two sizes: 120 x 90 cm for bathing and 50 x 30 cm for diaper change and other needs. Make sure to have at least 6 bathing towels and 6 small towels available since the first day.
  • Baby blankets could be of different sizes. We advice to have at least 2 blankets in envelope shape for the baby to sleep comfortably. You’ll need 2 small blankets for the baby cart, it is not easy to use big ones in the cart. Baby will need two more blankets (normal shape) to cover during sleep or to lay down when baby plays.
Baby blanket in envelope shape
  • Prepare 10 cheese clothes size 90 x 90 cm and 10 other cheese clothes size 90 x 45 cm. You will use them for everything while your baby is still very small, so do not neglect to have them ready since the first day.
  • Depending on the date of birth, you’ll need to have a jumper or two for your baby. Make sure to be full-body, including footwear and cap for cold season. This way baby will not need to wear shoes and separate cap.
Jumper for babies – handmade
  • Babies up to 6 months old do not necessarily need to wear shoes. We advise to have baby bootees ready since the first day with number 17 -18 (Italian size).
  • Babies in this age are very sensitive to sun, so make sure to have ready baby hats, especially during warm season. Warm baby caps are needed for cold winter as well.
  • When comes to nice clothes, you should know babies do not enjoy, neither use them much. So, prepare as many nice suits (dresses, etc.) as many occasions you might have that need to take your baby with you for the first six months.
Summer suit for girls – handmade decorated
  • Attention! When you buy clothes after the first three months, make sure to check two things: (i) age (no. of months) and (ii) stature of the baby. Sometimes babies does not fit the regular size for their age, so tallness in cm should take precedent while purchasing clothes for your baby.
  • Baby clothes and clothing are quite expensive. You could prepare many of them by yourself, if you’re just little handed with handiwork. You can prepare: sheets & towels (buy big sheets & towels of good quality and divide them in smaller parts), handmade blankets, handmade jumpers, bootees, gloves and nice suits. Or, you can do the decorations of such things with embroideries; buy plain clothes and decorate them as you wish. This way you’ll be able to reduce the budget for baby clothes and clothing and will make sure to have unique clothes and clothings for your baby.
Jeans Dress -handmade decorated with flowers
Regular Baby Blanket – handmade decorated with flowers
  • Gifts for babies from people around you are another source of getting clothes for your baby. Most of the gifts are clothes as they are easily to be purchased, so make sure to count the clothes you’ll receive as gifts when preparing clothes and clothing for your baby.

These were our practical tips and advice for parents-to-become regarding: Babies’ Clothes and Clothing. Every parent knows what is best for own baby, we just collected and shared in one place lessons learned from our experience with baby clothing process. However, remember that the period when you decide for the clothes of the baby is very short … your baby will grow up very fast and will ‘remove’ it from you. So, make sure to have fun anytime you’ll deal with baby clothes. Hope our advice should come closer to you in one of the most wonderful and most developing phases of your life.

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