How to Make Absolutely Delicious and Healthy Green Soup

Today’s recipe is a very simple and very healthy recipe. I learned it from a good friend of mine and since then I cook it for my family mainly during cold season. Here I go with the recipe:

Ingredients: / Ingredientes:

Lamb, one piece per person / Cordero, una pieza por persona

800 gr of green onions / 800 gr de cebollas verdes

White rise, 1/2 of soup spoon per person / Levantamiento blanco, 1/2 cucharada sopera por persona

500 gr fresh parsley (or 4 bunches) / 500 gr de perejil fresco

Salt, pepper, olive oil / Sal, pimienta, aceite de oliva

Preparation: / Preparación:

Start the preparation of the recipe by putting the lamb into cold water and boil it until the flesh breaks out of the bones. Do not forget to remove the foam that comes out on the surface of the preparation. While the meat is being cooked, clean the green onions from perished parts and wash them well with abundant water. Take the meat off the heat, remove the portions of lamb meat from the lamb stock and divide them into small pieces and place them aside. Pour olive oil in a stew-pot and add green onions chopped as seen in the photo.

Comience la preparación de la receta poniendo el cordero en agua fría y hierva hasta que la carne se rompa de los huesos. No olvide quitar la espuma que sale de la superficie de la preparación. Mientras se cocina la carne, limpie las cebollas verdes de las partes perecedas y lávelas bien con abundante agua. Retire la carne del fuego, retire las porciones de carne de cordero del caldo de cordero y divídalas en trozos pequeños y colóquelos a un lado. Vierta el aceite de oliva en una olla y agregue las cebollas verdes picadas.

Fry the green onions until shriveled up. Add at the stew-pot the meat, the meat-stock, salt and pepper. Let the preparation simmer for 2 minutes.

Fríe las cebollas verdes hasta que se marchiten. Agregue en la olla la carne, el caldo de carne, la sal y la pimienta. Deje que la preparación hierva a fuego lento durante 2 minutos.

Add the white rise and stir well. Wait until the rise starts to soften and add cleansed fresh parsley thickly shredded.

Agregue el aumento blanco y revuelva bien. Espere hasta que el aumento comience a suavizarse y agregue el perejil fresco limpio y rallado.

Stir well the soup in order to spread the parsley uniformly and let it simmer in low heat until the rice is fully cooked. Remove it from heat and let it rest covered for at least 10 minutes. Now, our tasty healthy soup with spring colors is ready to be served. Bon appetite!

Revuelva bien la sopa para untar el perejil de manera uniforme y déjelo hervir a fuego lento hasta que el arroz esté completamente cocido. Retirar del fuego y dejar reposar tapado durante al menos 10 minutos. Ahora, nuestra sabrosa sopa saludable con colores primaverales está lista para ser servida. ¡Buen provecho!

This recipe could be consumed alone to allow for a light meal, or could be served as first plate of a full meal. It is a very healthy recipe, even for small children, and very easy to be prepared, especially if you cook the meat in advance.

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