May 1-st List of Celebrities … and some Gossips

April ran away and here we are back with our May 1-st List of Celebrities based on the number of followers on social networks. This month, The List comes with new arrivals, departures and other news on what happened to our celebrities during last month.

Let me go first with introducing our video for this month and than come back for some more gossips around showbiz.



This month we had The Rock joining our Top Ten Most Followed Celebrities Online. Unfortunately, Shakira is not anymore part of our list. We shall miss her! Again this month, all celebrities has increased their number of online followers, with Christiano Ronaldo remaining No. 1 Celebrity most loved and followed online by people.

But, why is Christiano Ronaldo so much loved by people?

I’ve wondered about this since I found out he is the top followed person online. I love Ronaldo, he is a fantastic football player and I fully believe he deserves to be Nr. 1. Still, there are other wonderful football players around, so something else is making Ronaldo so special.

Is it great marketing? I believe marketing get some merits too, as he is very active on all social networks. This is not the case for some other celebrities, who get penalized in their ranking in our list, due to low attention in some social networks (Leo Messi is one of them missing The Top Ten due to his absence in Twitter).

There are moments when I believe Ronaldo is the person, who is telling the world: “Yes, it can be done!”. He represents ‘the dream story’ of a common boy, who transformed into a famous celebrity due to his great talent, huge work and by being himself. His story is kind of the modern version of ‘Cinderella story’. How many people around the world have dreamed about becoming famous? Ronaldo is the symbol of their desires and the hope that their children can make it.

But, there are some other things adding to people’s love for Ronaldo. He is a phenomena in football and in top form. He has surprised doctors and scientist with his perfect physical shape and health. Did you know Christiano Ronaldo has the parameters of a 15 years old boy, even though is more than double of that in age?

Ronaldo is probably the only father of 5, in his age in the world, with a sexy and perfect look. How many people you know have 5 infant children and look and perform at work and social life like him?

Ronaldo is the simple guy, who never forgets to share his part in charity activities. Continuously, he is helping people around the world to improve their health and life. His good and generous heart has been able to touch people’s hearts around the world.

Ronaldo, on the other side, is the man who right now sits in the middle of media news, as he is the one who bought the most expensive new built car in the world. Have you heard about Bugatti La Voiture Noire, the car that drove crazy all car-lovers during its exhibition at The 2019 Geneva Motor Show? The man who will be driving it around is exactly Christiano Ronaldo. Can you imagine how many people will adore him for this fact? Finally, the most luxury and expensive car sits in the hands of a self-maid billionaire, instead of the same rich people that inherited their fortune.

Finally, Christiano Ronaldo is real in the way he lives his life. He has made his choices in life and has never been influenced by fame. He loves and respects his mother and his family, and keeps his personal life private; his secret for the mother’s name of his older son still remains a big question mark in the curious minds of show-biz gossipers. Despite the rape accusations still under investigation, he continue to be loved and followed by people around the world, which grew by more than 4.5 million last month. I’m sure next months’ numbers will outdo every historical record. Go! Go Christiano!

These were our celebrity news for this Friday. We hope our article added some amusement to your weekend. Catch you again next month for fresh news and updating Celebrity Ranking. Should you find this article enjoyable, please feel free to Like and Share it with your friends and followers on social networks.

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