Seeing the World as Colorful and Joyful like a Toddler

Have you ever thought to see the world like a toddler? I think it’s a great idea. But, I found it difficult to imagine the world like that. On one side I’ve forgotten how I saw the world as a toddler. On the other side, I don’t think my 5 years old son is capable to explain it to me, the way I can understand. Or, probably life has erased my ability to see the world simply, the way a toddler does, without the need to interpret it through my complicated mental maps.

“In the eyes of a child, you’ll see the world as it should be.”

There are many psychologists that stand for the theory that a parent need to see the world the same ways his/her child sees it, in order to understand own child and to be able to educate the child with self-reliance and auto-control. And, I’m a parent I’d like to do such thing. I would like to trust my child and to allow him to explore the world freely. I’d like to understand which is the right moment to set limits to my child, making sure I’m not damaging his initiative and self-confidence to learn new things. I’d love for my child to develop the ability to distinguish the good from the bad, and to be able to establish auto-control mechanisms, which would guide him to withdraw or move ahead fearless. I strongly believe this is the most valuable education we as parents could give to our children in our efforts to prepare them for life.

To fulfill this mission, I’ve decided to learn to see the world like a toddler: to loose the meaning of time (watch and mobile gone), to explore the world with endless curiosity, to see many things as new, scaring or just wonderful; not to know why things happen or how they happened. I believe, this way, I’ll be able to better understand my son and other children around him. I’ll be capable to let my son decide weather to get along with other children and how to behave with his friends. This way I’ll understand that when he steps back from things he already knows, he does it because he is reflecting on his fears from new developments, rather that he forgot those things.

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I want him to know that mom and dad will be there for him even if he does mistakes or when he misbehaves. I want for my son to understand that his happiness and well-being comes first for us. I want my son to live his live fully and free of any charges; as he is not responsible for our disappointments, our dreams remained in the drawer or our expectations. I want to see in my son’s eyes and see there peace and optimism for life. I want him to know that our love (parents’) is unconditional love, the same he bestows to us every second. This way, my son will be a generous man with a warm heart that will be able to respect and help other people.

Finally, I want to see the world like a toddler because I want to fully rejoice together with my son. I want we both enjoy our time together, free of prejudgments, complexes and any obstacles. I want we both accept each-other the way we are: unique individuals tightening cheek by jowl with each-other. This is one of the pleasures of being parent of a toddler today, and somehow a space of freedom for us parents to escape from daily problems and life.

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