How to Make Awesome Veal in Tomatoes’ Sauce

Today’s recipe is a traditional Albanian recipe. It is my preferred dish and I always enjoy cooking it. The secret of this recipe is to be patience and you’ll understand why, while I explain its preparation in details

Ingredients: / Ingredientes:

600 gr veal (no bones) / 600 gr ternera (sin huesos)

3 white onions / 3 cebollas blancas

2 tomatoes / 2 tomates

1 cockroach of garlic, small one / 1 cucaracha de ajo, pequeña

1 soup spoon of wheat flour / 1 cucharada de harina de trigo

1 cup of white wine / 1 taza de vino blanco

2 laurel leaves / 2 hojas de laurel

salt, white pepper, olive oil / sal, pimienta blanca, aceite de oliva.

Preparation: / Preparación:

Cut the veal into pieces of rectangular shape 5 x 2 cm. Make sure to cut the meat in the opposite direction of the meat yarns. Peel the onions, cut them in half and cut each half in slices of 0.5 cm. Unreel the cut onions and add them to the pan with pre-heated olive oil.

Freír las cebollas con aceite de oliva. Revuelva continuamente hasta que las cebollas estén completamente derretidas y comience a convertirse en color dorado.

Continuously stir the onion in order to be fried uniformly. You should be patient to allow for the onions to be fully melted and start to turn slightly into gold color. This phase of the cooking is very important to obtain the exquisite taste of the dish. Add the veal to the pan.

Añadir la carne de ternera en trozos rectangulares de 5 x 2 cm.
Mezclar bien hasta que el jugo de la carne se evapora.

Stir the meat and the onion and fry them until the meat juice in gone. Add white wine and stir it until the wine evaporates. Some people use grapes’ vinegar instead of white wine. I prefer the wine as the dish tastes less sour with it.

Agregue el vino blanco y revuelva bien, deje que el vino se evapore. Añadir una cucharada de harina de trigo. Revuelva bien para esparcirlo uniformemente y evitar la creación de granos. Añadir 2 tomates rojos, pelados y picados en pequeños cubicos. Mezclar bien y se deja hervir un poco.

Add the wheat flour and stir well to spread it uniformly and not to allow creation of grains. Add chopped tomatoes in small cubicles. Some people use concentrated canned tomatoes sauces for this dish. I prefer fresh red tomatoes. Stir well the composition and allow to boil twice. Add chopped garlic and laurel’s leaves.

Añadir el ajo rallado y 2 hojas de laurel. Revuelva bien y agregue agua hasta que la carne esté completamente cubierta. Regule con sal y pimienta y deje que hierva a fuego lento, revolviendo una y otra vez.

Stir well, add 1 cup of cold water, or enough to cover the meat. Regulate the dish with salt and pepper and let it simmer in medium heat until the meat is ready (to test it stick the meat with a fork and if the fork stick easily in and out, the meat is ready). I prepared oatmeal with butter for this dish. Bon Appetite!

El plato está listo cuando el tenedor entra y sale libremente de la carne. Servir la Ternera en Salsa de Tomate con la harina de avena con mantequilla.
¡Buen provecho!

Today’s meal was very tasty and I really enjoyed it. I hope this was a good idea for your next meal with your family. Let me know your experience when you’ll try it at your home. Meet again to the next recipe.

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