Do People Need to Have a Clear Standing for Abortion?

I was navigating on Twitter this morning and saw a statement coming from the President of the US about abortion. President Trump wrote he was a pro-life supporter except cases of rape, incest and when mother’s health is at risk. It was not clear to me what was his exact standing. Because, I believe the opinion about abortion is one way off. You either accept it or you’re against it. Period! You either believe the miracle of life is something divine coming from God. Or, you believe it is a human decision. And, It should be handed to parents and society to decide about it.

The issue of abortion is quite complex in the today’s global environment. As never before, we are living in an era, when the planet is facing important challenges. I’m talking about challenges like:

  • Continuous growth of population,
  • Scarcity and mismanagement of resources, etc.

Scientific and technological development are allowing for prolongation of human life. And this is making the problem even more critical for sustainability of the planet. Family Planning is one of the solutions to control the population increase, still out of control. But, isn’t this a violation of the divine will for life? Isn’t conception of a new life a blessing coming from God?

The Moral Discussion about Abortion

Is a new life something divine or human? As long as mankind dares to interfere in the decision of life conception, I believe the moral discussion goes down. The winner is the argument “a new life is a human decision”. Whoever accepts the beneficial of a contraceptive pill has already given half-vote for abortion too. Both interfere with the cycle of life, but in different stages of the process.

There are many reasons people would raise for the necessity and inevitability of abortion in today’s society:

  • Financial issues,
  • Parents’ human rights,
  • Health issues,
  • Lack of parents’ commitment,
  • Child gender preference,
  • Rape,
  • Young age of parents, etc.

Some of them are quite strong arguments. And, strongly influence people around the world by dividing them into two big groups. Again, I strongly believe this is a decision, which should not be taken based on arguments. Rather should be taken based on internal beliefs and values. It is a moral matter, rather then an ethical one. Conditional approval or disapproval does not really help. In the end, there are inner values of majority of people that stand for the final decision. Alabama’s majority of people voted this days to ban the abortion.

We, at FAMILY+ stand Pro-Life. We believe love-for-life is the greatest value to lead the decision about abortion. There are other solutions that could be found to solve issues mentioned. But, we should always keep in mind Love-for-Life and well being of human race. Looking forward to hear your opinion about this issue through your comments.

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  1. Ne opinionin tim aborti eshte nje vendim njerezor. Une jam kunder til…pasi qe ne momentin qe ngjizet embrioni eshte formuar aty nje jete e re. Dhe kur dikush zgjedh abortin eshte njesoj sikur ti kete marr jeten nje krijese te re. Nuk eshte e drejte qe ne qe jemi fizikisht e menderisht me te forte te kemi autoritet te vendosim mbi pa mundesine e nje krijese te vogel qe nuk di te thote: mos ma merr jeten.

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