How to loose Weight for people with Sedentary Lifestyle?

Hello! I’m back again with “How to loose weight” theme. Last week I wrote “How to loose 2 pounds/week without Diet, nor Exercising”. Many of your comments were like: “I already do these activities and do not loose weight” or “My work obliges me to sit all the day and make me add weight”. That’s why, today, I’ll show you some little tricks that will ‘change’ life for people living sedentary lifestyle. I mean people that work behind a desk. Housewives are part of this group as they spent a lot of time taking care of their home. And, finally, other non-sportive people.

Special Advice for People living Sedentary Lifestyle

Here I go with today’s advice:

Whenever you clean your house (make the dishes, sweep the floor, dust furniture, wash doors and windows, make the bed, etc.) try to make them while standing on the tips of your toes or standing on one leg. By performing house cleaning activities in this way, you’ll be able to loose +70 calories/hour compare when you do them as usually.

Practice standing on your toes while cleaning your house or do your cooking. A great way how to loose weight
Stand on the tips of your toes while performing daily activities

If you do your cooking not sitting and possibly standing on the tips of your toes or standing on one leg. Should you like dancing, dancing while cooking would be a fantastic thing too. You’ll be able to loose +70 calories/hour compare to your normal way of cooking.

Whenever you walk your baby with baby carriage, do part of your walk standing on the tips of your toes. Another trick is to use backpacking instead of classic baby bag and keep it on your back while walk the baby carriage. Combining both these activities you’ll be able to burn down +100 calories/hour compare to your usual walk.

The other way how to loose weight is to stand on one foot while performing daily activities.
Stand on one foot while performing daily activities

Use up the TV time to fold your laundries, to dust furniture, to sort the books, or vacuuming. Pull your body back or on the sides while performing such activities. Thus way you’ll make possible to stretch your muscles and burn out more calories (+150 calories/hour) compare to watching TV sitting on the couch. The other benefit is to reduce the amount of food you eat while watching TV.

Should you have a sedentary job, which requires you to sit most of the time, make sure to stand up ever hour and move around for 15 minutes. You can either make your calls while moving around, starting to build the ‘good’ habit of talking on the phone standing up or even better walking around. Another task you can perform during the 15 minutes break from sitting is to sort your documents on your desk while standing up.

If you’re a driver, build the habit to park your car at the very edge of the parking place. This way you’ll ‘oblige’ yourself to walk more anytime you’ll go to your car.

Talk to your co-workers standing anytime this is possible. At the same time, meet your friends for a walk in fresh air rather than sitting on a coffee shop.

Walk to out-of-office meetings with distance up to 2 miles. I’ve practice such habit myself and together with using the stairs instead of elevator; and had good results in weight lost.

Take time to play at least one hour with your kids. I’m not talking about fairy tales telling or other passive games (video-games). Involve yourself fully in kids’ active games. This way you’ll spent precious moments with your little ones and will be able to loose around 300 calories/hour.

Swirling a pen is another way how to loose weight
Get the habit of fidgeting things: swirl the pen, tap one foot or jiggle one leg.

Do you know people that do non-stopping small movements? These movements are commonly known as fidgeting, and could be: twirl a pen, tap a foot, jiggle one leg, etc. Should you be able to gain a similar habit while sitting, you may loose up to 350 calories/day.

Yes, my friends. It is possible not to feel the change after performing activities mentioned in the first article. The reason being that such activities have already become part of your daily routine and calories you burn with them are bundled into the calories needed to maintain normal daily activity. The tricks I proposed above, will make sure to change this situation and soon after performing them you’ll feel the effect of additional calories’ lost in your weight change. Remember to maintain the same alimentary regime and especially do not add sweets and dough products.

I strongly recommend you to start practice today’s tips and I look forward to hear your comments about your experiences. Good Luck!

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