Is Marriage a Source of Happiness? – Let’s hear from Studies

We hear so much about Happiness and people’s desire to be happy. But, how many of us are really happy? Which are the factors influencing our chances to be happy? Some of the factors are: individual luck (destiny), childhood conditions, individual choices, etc. There is a general perception that happiness around the world have decreased over time. One prove for that is the level of bitterness you see on social networks. In the recent years, the theme of happiness has been in the center of several studies, which have studied the way people’s happiness is influenced by geographical factors. So, we’ve seen reports talking about which state has the happiest people in the world (Finland for 2019).

Let see what is the real facial expression for a married couple

A recent study introduced by Professor Paul Dolan from London School of Economics, has studied the happiness of people based on demographic factors. The study was organized by interviewing individuals based on their marital status. Findings of the study are quite surprising and tend to undermine several social ‘axioms’ regarding marriage. As Professor Dolan mentioned:

The happiest group of people are: Unmarried Women without Children.

In the second place are ranked: Married Men.

Unfortunately, the least happy group of people are: Married Women.

Such findings contradict the society’s general perception that ‘when people get married they find comfort and happiness’. Apparently, this is true only for the masculine half of the married couple. Married men find comfort in marriage and feel they have calmed down. Another positive effect for them coming from marriage is that they perform better financially. It seems that the cost of their happiness is carried by their wives, which find after marriage life hard, physically and mentally.

One interesting fact, that somehow implies the truth about their life, is the fact that they felt free to talk about their perception only when interviewed alone, without the presence of their spouse.

These findings made me think about, how many things would change in our society, should this tendency grow bigger. If women will think and invest more on their individual happiness, there will be less women ready to be married ‘at all conditions’. Less and less women will ‘beg’ men for marriage, as they will not see marriage as a source for their individual happiness. This way, men would need to work harder in convincing women to get married, in order to be able to reach their individual happiness.

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Should women be capable to gain such ‘power’ in couple relationships, I believe it is not very strange, in the future, for the society to move more toward matriarchy social order. Matriarchy was in power in the ancient times, and represents a world ruled by women, on contrary to existing society ruled by men. Isn’t that a ‘frightening’ cycling for the today’s society? Let me know what you think about this issue in your comments.

Definitely, this theme requires further studying and we shall wait, full of curiosity, for their findings. Till then, I wish you all happiness together with your families.


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