How to Prepare Most Amazing and Delicious Cherry Tea

June as just started and the first thing I relate to it are cherries. I love cherries and I enjoy the fresh ones in June, coming straight from the tree. This year I made a fantastic discovery. Out of my desire to experiment new things, I found out a new way to process the small black cherries, the non-modified ones. For that I used the same approach as the procedure Grandma Xheni does for Healthy Cornell Tea.

Cornell Tea - Recipe by Grandma Xheni
Foto de saludable Té de Cornell

Here I go to tell you more about this amazing refreshing drink that will outfit our bodies with collagen and will make our summer more enjoyable.

Ingredients for Cherry Tea:

The only ingredient needed for this recipe are Black Cherries. These are very juicy cherries, with small berries in size and with lots of cherry tails.

Little Black Cherries- the main ingredient of Cherry Tea
El ingrediente principal para el delicioso té de cereza son las cerezas negras. Estas son cerezas muy jugosas, con bayas pequeñas en tamaño y con muchas colas de cereza. Lavar las cerezas con abundante agua y dejarlos escurrir en un colador.

Preparation of the Cherry Tea:

Wash the cherries with abundant water and let them drain in a colander. Carefully remove the tails from the cherries. You may use the tails as well to produce a tea which is very good for treatment of kidney stones. For that, you wash the cherry tails and let them dry in the sun. Then, use one soup spoon of dried cherry tails for one cup of tea, by boiling them for at least 5 minutes.

Lets go back to the cherry tea. Put the cherries in a big stew pot and add lots of filtered water. For this preparation I used 2 kg of black cherries with 5 l of cold filtered water. Place the stew-pot at heat and remove the scum which comes out in the surface.


Let the cherry tea simmer until the cherries are softened and the juice is reduced to 2 l. Remove from heat, cover it and leave cool down completely. Then, decant the tea and it is ready for consumption. I prefer to drink it with no sugar added. But, you may add sugar or honey as per your preferences.

Bon Appetite!

Cherry Tea served cold in the glass
Retirar con cuidado las colas de las cerezas. Las colas podrían usarse para producir un té que es muy bueno para el tratamiento de cálculos renales. Coloque las cerezas en una olla grande y agregue agua filtrada. Para esta preparación utilicé 2 kg de cerezas negras con 5 l de agua filtrada fría. Póngalos en calor y retire la escoria que sale de la superficie. Deje que el té de cereza hierva a fuego lento hasta que las cerezas se ablanden y el jugo se reduzca a 2 l. Retire del fuego y deje que se enfríe completamente. Decantar el delicioso té de cereza y está listo para el consumo.
¡Buen provecho!

This amazing cherry tea is very delicious, very healthy (no sugar added) and with a fantastic fresh flagrance, that remains in your mouth for a long time. It is a great refreshing drink to enjoy in a summer afternoon and could be easily be accompanied with nice cakes. Definitely a great drink to use while spending wonderful moments with your friends and family. And, don’t forget, this tea is a great source of collagen for your body, good for our skin and hair.

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