Memorable Day among Wonderful Animals in a Farm

Summer has arrived and everything looks different under the shiny summer’s sun. One day I decided to visit a farm, just to spend a day different from those in the city and in the beach. To be sincere, I was desperately missing the fresh air of the village and that beautiful green color you may only find in the countryside. Together with my family we went to a farm 30 minutes drive away. We saw there lots of animals, poultry, trees loaded with fruits and wonderful countryside panorama. But, I’ll stop with words and will let the photos speak by themselves what we experienced during our memorable day at the farm:

This was the first panorama that appeared in front of us, while we’re going to the farm.
A yellow field was what we saw while we’re entered to the farm. I do not think the camera was able to capture the real beauty of the yellow flowers carpet laying in front of us.
Animals and birds were located in the heart of the farm. The first one we met were these beautiful ducks while they’re plying with each-other.
The sheep was next one we met at the farm. It was quite hot and he was standing inside the stall resting. I do not think he was very happy to have us enter in his own area.
Then, we met the goats. They were standing outside their stall in the shadow. The one in the middle was trying to challenge our approach, even though they were very polite with us.

The biggest surprise for us was to meet this wonderful deer. He was amazingly beautiful and very friendly. I was even able to feed him, as it was lunch time for him.
Mr. Rabbit was one next ‘date’. My daughter liked it so much, apparently because it looked like our cat white & black. Rabbit was so kind to pose for us, instead of running away from us.
The little eagle was another big surprise of our visit in the farm. She was standing inside her place and looked so much bold. Her look was so proud and deep.
There were many chickens at the farm, but the common ones were accommodated at the shadows and photos came out very dark. But there were this special kind of chickens moving around out in the sun. My mother called them Grey Chickens (probably due to their color).
On top of the climbing frames were placed the columbariums, but they were all empty. Pigeons were flying around and I was able to capture two of them resting for a minute on the ground.
How can be a farm without its dog. He was standing outside his house, vigilant if anything happened in the farm.
I could not stand without mentioned the amazing flowers planted at the resting place of the farm. Wonderful colors and shapes, that only nature is able to develop. They were fantastic decorations for our eyes and great memories.
The farm was full of fruit trees and this pomegranate tree full of flowers was one of the beautiful views in there.
Have you ever seen mulberry trees? This was the view on the way to the parking. We could easily reach the fruits while walking to the car.
A plumb tree fully loaded with ripe fruits was our next stop. I adore ripe fruits on the tree.
There was no chance we would not see ripe pears in this period of the year.
On the way back we saw this beautiful cow standing in a small glade. She was very curious about us.
At the end of that trip our eyes were blessed with this beauty, just outside of the village. I wanted to share it with you my dear friends.

These were some of the memories from our day in the farm. It was an enjoyable day for my daughter and us adults. She is still a little child, but she could make the difference of a day in the middle of greenery, without the noises of big city and breathing fresh air of the countryside. I strongly recommend to all of you to consider spending a day visiting a farm; it is a wonderful way to entertain whole family.

Do not forget to get dresses comfortably and upon everything, have sporty comfortable shoes during your visit to the farm. Here are some proposals for shoes for each family member:

It will help your children see the real simple life and understand that chicken does not come from the fridge. It will be a time well-spent that will build lots of wonderful family memories. Cheers!

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