10 Unique Axioms – Absolutely Needed to Raise Fantastic Kids / 10 Urdheresat per te Patur Femije te Mrekullueshem

The main goal in parenting is to raise your children: healthy (physically and mentally), self-confident, happy and strong enough to be able to face life on his own. As you can see, there are many objectives within the main goal of parenting, thus lots of work and a lot of good luck is needed to achieve them successfully.

When I became parent for the first time, due to lack of experience, I did many mistakes. And, being someone that does not like to repeat the same mistake twice, I collected all my lessons learned, golden experience of my grandparents, my parents and of many other fantastic parents and came up with my list of “10 Axioms for Child Raising Process”. I thought to share it with you my dear friends, as a way to give you a hand in your parenting life and its big challenges.

10 Commandments of Good Parenting

I. Raise your Child with High Hygiene

Since Parenting Day 1 you must keep high hygiene standards for your baby (home environment, baby’s room, baby’s body, clothes, food, water, etc.) The same approach should continue as your child grows up and moves toward the phases of life when he/she take care of themselves. Children must be taught to keep their body clean and to conserve high hygiene rules for their place of living. Hygiene is one of the elements to live a healthy life.

II. Feed your Child Healthy

Food is another important component for living a healthy life. In the last 4 decades, under the fear of lack of resources compare to growth of global population, human society have exchanged quality of food for quantity of food. And now, we face huge health problems with unhealthy way of feeding and sedentary lifestyle. Teach your child to only eat healthy food and to know how to prepare their food by themselves. It is easier to do this when he/she is still a baby and they experience for the first time the taste of foods. They will seek to have the same unique tastes even when they’ll grow up. Parents and grandparents play a significant role in cultivating the culture of eating healthy to the children.

III. Make Sure to Grow Serene Children

The environment we offer to our children, since they are borne, is crucial for their mental development. Create a calm environment for your little ones. I mean the way their room and the rest of the house is set up (colors, noises, furniture, electronic devices, etc.) Children that grow up in serene environments tent to be more balanced in life, are cool and have higher self-esteem. To be able to offer serenity to your children, we as parents should live a serene life ourselves first.

IV. Allow your Child to Freely Explore the World

If you’re having an amazing resourceful child, I’m sure your producing lots of ‘bad’ adrenaline in your body. Your heart is up and down anytime your child moves around (It means all the time -:) Still, you should not stop your lovely child to freely explore the world. Children have a great appetite to explore everything around them. Stopping them from doing so, just because it’s ‘scary’ for us as parents, is a big mistake. Be creative! Send your children in different places: beach, forest, new city, farm, shopping mall, various parks, bars, etc. Allow their energy to focus in exploring new things and new places. These are the basis to make them live an active lifestyle and be stronger to face life’s challenges.

V. Children Need Other Children in Their Life

This is not an appeal to have many children. But, you should know that the presence of other children in the life of your child is crucial for developments of their social skills. If you have only one child, make sure to engage them with friends (other children) near your house. Sending children to nursery places and kindergarten is another great way to have them spend time with other children.

VI. Protect the Health of Your Child

Raising healthy children means to make sure we take care and proactively protect their health since their first day. The first step for this, is to vaccinate our babies following the vaccines’ calendar composed by physicians on global basis. Vaccines are a strong tool to protect our children from dangerous diseases. Next step is to cultivate a proactive behavior toward health issues: regular check ups, building trust toward physicians and living a healthy lifestyle (not abusing with drugs, junk food, sedentary life, not abusing with own body).

VII. Give Endless Unconditional Love to Your Child

There is nothing else as powerful as the parents’ love for healthy development of a child. Children must feel loved even when they make mistakes or misbehave. Make sure to give them as much love as your can. It will be beneficiary for all three of you (parents and child). Children and their mothers are graced with the Love Hormone, a miracle way to exchange pure love. Beloved children grow up with high self-esteem and exhibit compassion in their life. They are capable to love and live their life mercy and kindness.

VIII. Treat Your Child as a Human Being with own Dignity and Rights

Your child is an individual human being. Doesn’t matter how small in age he/she is, still your as parent should keep that in mind. If you treat your children with dignity and respect their rights, other people will do the same. And, the most important thing is that your child will grow up with self-confidence and will always require to be treated with dignity and will not allow anyone to violates their rights. This is one of the most powerful lessons you as parent can teach for life.

IX. Teach Your Child to Dream and to Use their Imagination

If you want to have a happy child now and forever, teach your child to dream. Serenity, positivism in live, endless love will help your child to be a dreamer. History has shown that all famous and successful people have been big dreamers. All great things in the world have been absolutely consequences of big dreams. Teach your children to dream, support their dreams, allow their imagination to become real. As Albert Einstein has said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. With imagination you can encircle the world.”

X. Encourage Your Child toward Knowledge and Education

Today’s world offers many approaches to knowledge and education. We as parents must teach our children the importance of Knowledge in life. Knowledge and good manners are probably the only two things an individual can carry with self when ever he/she goes and in whatever situations could be. Teach your children to be curious and deep in their learning. Teach them to measure their learning with what they added to their knowledge ‘fund’, rather then with marks from others. True learning will allow our children to live their life as a learning experience and understand essential stuff, rather than superficial consuming stuff all over the world.

These were My 10 Parenting Axioms. I’m very curious about your thoughts about them. Do you agree with my list? Am I missing anything important? Looking forward to read your comments, so I can be able to enrich my list. Till, then: I wish you Happy Parenting!

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———- Versioni Shqip ———

10 Urdheresat per te Patur Femije te Mrekullueshem

Qellimi madhor i cdo prindi eshte te mundet te rrise femije: te shendetshem (fizikisht dhe menderisht), me vetebesim, te lumtur dhe te zote per te perballuar sfidat e jetes. Sic mund ta shihni, jane shume objektiva qe perfshihen brenda qellimit madhor te prinderimit, te cilat kerkojne shume pune dhe shume fat per t’i realizuar me sukses.

Kur u bera prind per here te pare kam bere shume gabime, sepse me mungonte pervoja. Dhe, duke qene dikush qe nuk i pelqen te perserise te njejtat gabime dy here rresht, i permblodha te gjitha mesimet e mesuara, pervojen e cmuar te gjysherve dhe prinderve te mi, si edhe mencurine e shume prinderve te tjere te suksesshem, dhe krijova listen time te “10 Aksiomave per Rritjen e Femijeve”. Sot mendova ta ndaj me ju miqte e mi kete liste si nje menyre per t’iu ndihmuar ne jeten tuaj prinderore dhe sfidat e panumerta te saj.

10 Urdheresat e Prinderimit te Mire

Rritini Femijet tuaj me Standarte te Larta Higjene

Qe nga dita e pare e prinderimit, ju duhet te siguroni higjene te larte per beben tuaj (ne mjedisin e shtepise, per trupin e bebes, per rrobat e bebes, ujin qe perdorni, ushqimet, etj.) Ne te njejten menyre duhet vijuar edhe ndersa femija rritet dhe kalon ne fazen kur kujdeset vete per veten. Femijet duhen mesuar qe ta mbajne paster trupin e vet dhe te zbatojne rregulla te nje higjene shembullore per vendin ku jetojne. Higjena eshte nje nga elementet e rendesishem per te patur nje jete te shendetshme.

Ushqeni Femijet ne Menyre te Shendetshme

Ushqimi eshte nje tjeter komponent i rendesishem per te patur nje jete te shendetshme. Ne 4 dekadat e fundit, shoqeria njerezore ka sakrifikuar cilesine e ushqimit per sasine e tij, pjeserisht te frikesuar nga pamjaftueshmeria e burimeve te ushqimit krahasuar me rritjen e popullsise boterore. Dhe tashme, ne po perballemi me probleme te medha shendeti, qe shkaktohen nga ushqyerja jo e mire dhe nga stili sedentar i jetes. Mesojini femijet tuaj te hane vetem ushqime te shendetshme; si edhe mesojini qe te dijne te pergatisin ushqimin e tyre. Kjo gje eshte me e lehte te behet kur femijet jane ende ne vitet e para te jetes se tyre, periudhe ne te cilen ata provojne dhe shijojne ushqimet per here te pare. Gjate gjithe jetes ata do jene ne kerkim te shijeve te dashura te femijerise. Prinderit dhe gjysherit luajne nje rol shume te rendesishem ne kultivimin e ushqyerjes se shendetshme tek femijet.

Sigurohuni te Rrisni Femije te Qete

Mjedisi ne te cilin rriten femijet eshte thelbesor per zhvillimin e tyre mendor. Merrni masa per te krijuar nje mjedis te qete per te vegjelit tuaj. Kur them kete kam parasysh dhomat e femijeve edhe pjesen tjeter te shtepise (ngjyrat, zhurmat, mobiljet, pajisjet elektronike, etj.) Femijet e rritur ne mjedise te qeta kane tendencen te jete me te ekuilibruar ne jete, jane me gjakftohte dhe kane vetebesim me te madh. Ne si prinder, na takon te jetojme fillimisht vete jete ‘te qeta’, me qellim qe t’iu ofrojme femijeve tane jete te qeta.

Lerini Femijet te Lire ta Zbulojne Boten qe i Rrethon

Jam e sigurte se nese keni nje femije shume te shkathet adrenalina negative ne trupin tuaj eshte teper e larte ne baza ditore. Kushedi sa here ne dite ju ngrihet zemra nga meraku per vogelushin tuaj qe nuk pushon se levizuri (gjate gjithe kohes, a m’kupton??) Por, si prinder na takon ta mbledhim zemren dhe ta lejojme femijen ta eksploroje boten sipas ritmit te vet. Femijet kane oreks shume te madh per te zbuluar boten rreth tyre dhe ndalimi i tyre ne kete nevoje qe kane, per shkak te frikerave tona si prinder, eshte nje gabim i madh. Behuni krijues! Cojeni femijen ne vende te ndryshme: plazh, pyll, qytete tjeter, ferme, qender tregtare, ne parqe te reja, per kafe, etj. Ne kete menyre ju beni qe energjia e tyre e pashtershme fokusohet ne eksplorimin e ketyre gjerave dhe vendeve krejtesisht te reja per ta. Nje praktike e tille do sherbeje per femijen si themeli per t’i ngulitur nje stil aktiv jete, qe do e ndihmoje te jete me i pergatitur per jeten.

Femijet kane Nevoje per Femije te Tjere

Ky nuk eshte nje apel per te bere sa me shume femije. Ajo qe dua te theksoj eshte se ne si prinder duhet te jemi te ndergjegjshem se prezenca e femijeve te tjere ne jeten e femijes tone eshte shume e rendesishme per zhvillimin e aftesive shoqerore te femijes. Nese keni vetem nje femije, sigurohuni te gjeni shoqe e shoke per femijen tuaj ne mjedisin ku jetoni. Cerdhet dhe kopshtet jane nje alternative shume e mire, qe femija juaj te kaloje kohe me femije te tjere (edhe ju vete krijoni mundesine te shkeputeni per pak ore nga femija).

Mbroni Shendetin e Femijeve

Te rrisesh femije te shendetshem do te thote qe ne te kujdesemi ne menyre proaktive per shendetin e tyre qysh nga dita e pare. Ky kujdes perfshin ndjekjen me perpikmeri te kalendarit te vaksinave te bebeve. Kalendari i vaksinave eshte produkt i punes se shume shkencetareve dhe mjekeve ne nivel boteror. Ata keshillojne vaksinat si nje nga mjetet me te fuqishme per te mbrojtur femijet nga semundje te rrezikshme dhe komplikacionet qe ato mund te shkaktojne. Hapat e tjere per te kultivuar nje sjellje proaktive per mbrojtjen e shendetit jane: kontrolle te rregullta periodike te gjendjes shendetesore (check up), krijimi i besimit tek mjeket dhe pasja e nje stili jete aktiv (mos abuzimi me substancat narkotike, eleminimi i ushqimit te shpejte e te demshem, shmangia e nje stili pasiv jete, mos-abuzimi me trupin e vet).

Jepuni Femijeve Pafund Dashuri te Pakushtezuar Prinderore

Nuk ka asgje me te fuqishme ne zhvillimin e shendetshem te femijeve, se dashuria e prinderve. Femijet duhet te ndjejne se i duan edhe kur bejne gabime apo sillen keq. Jepuni sa me shume dashuri femijeve tuaj, do i beni vetem mire vetes dhe femijeve. Femijet dhe Nena ne vecanti jane te bekuar me magjine per te shkembyer dashuri te paster, permes Hormonit te Dashurise. Femijet e rritur me dashuri kane me shume vetvleresim dhe tregojne dhembshuri ne jeten e tyre. Ata jane te afte te dhurojne dashuri dhe e jetojne jeten e tyre me meshiren dhe miresi.

Trajtojini Femijet si Qenie Njerezore me Dinjitet dhe Te Drejta

Femijet tuaj jane qenie njerezore me vete. Pavaresisht nga mosha e tyre, ne si prinder duhet ta mbajme parasysh kete fakt. Nese ju si prinder i trajtoni femijet tuaj me dinjitet dhe ua respektoni te drejtat e tyre (jo domosdoshmerisht tekat e tyre), edhe te tjeret do bejne te njejten gje. Dhe mbi te gjitha, gjeja me e rendesishme eshte se vete femijet tuaj do te rriten me besim te vetja dhe do kerkojne gjithnje nga te tjeret qe t’i trajtojne me dinjitet dhe nuk do lejojne askend t’ua shkelin te drejtat e tyre. Ky eshte nje nga mesimet me te vlefshme qe ne si prinder mund t’iu mesojme femijeve per jeten.

Mesojini Femijet te Enderrojne dhe te Vene ne Pune Imagjinaten

Nese doni qe femijet tuaj te jene te lumtur tani e pergjithmone, mesojini ata te enderrojne. Qetesia, pozitiviteti ne jete dhe dashuria pa kufinj jane ato qe do e ndihmojne femijen tuaj te jete enderrimtar. Historia ka treguar se te gjithe njerezit e famshem dhe te suksesshem kane qene enderrimtare te medhenj. Cdo ndryshim i madh ne bote ka ardhur si pasoje e nje endrre te madhe. Mesoji femijet te enderrojne. Mbeshtetini endrrat e tyre. Lejoni qe imagjinata e tyre te behet realitet. Sikurse e ka thene edhe i madhi Albert Ainshtajni: “Imagjinata eshte me e rendesishme se dijet. Me ane te imagjinates njeriu mund te sillet perreth botes”.

Shtyjini Femijet drejt Dijes dhe Edukimit

Bota ku jetojme ofron shume menyra perafrimi drejt dijes dhe edukimit. Si prinder na takon t’iu mesojme femijeve tane rendesine e dijes ne jete. Sjellja e mire dhe dijet jane ndoshta te vetmet gjera ne jete, te cilat njeriu i mbart me vete kudo qe shkon dhe ne cdo situate qe ndodhet. Mesojini femijet te jene kurioze dhe te thellohen ne dijet e tyre. Mesojini ata qe ta masin te mesuarit e tyre me sasine e dijeve qe shtojne ne bagazhin e tyre te dijeve, sesa me notat qe vihen nga persona te tjere. Te mesuarit e vertete do i mundesoje femijeve tane qe ta jetojne jeten si dhe pervoje te mesuari dhe qe te kuptojne thelbin e gjerave. Kjo gje do i mbaje larg nga gjerat siperfaqesore dhe konsumiste qe fatkeqesisht gjenden me shumice verdalle.

Keto ishin 10 Aksiomat e mia per Prinderimin. Jam shume kurioze te degjoj mendimet tuaja per to. Jeni dakord me listen time? Mos rastesisht kam harruar ndonje gje te rendesishme? Mbetem ne pritje te komenteve tuaja, qe do me ndihmojne ta pasuroj listen time. Deri atehere: Ju uroj Prinderim te Mbare!

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