How to Treat Sunburn in Easy and Cheap Way

It is August and summer is present with its whole heating power. Sunburn is a phenomena that commonly happens in this period of the year, even when we’re not in the beach trying to get tent. The sunburn could be avoided providing that we all apply sun cream with protection factor. Click here to find out about a high quality product that could be applied everyday and for all family (it has three levels of protection: SPF 20, SPF 30 and SPF 50).

It comes out as well with SPF 20 and SPF 50

If you have not used the right protection and got sunburn, Don’t worry! I’m here to show you a very easy, practical and cheap way to cure it.

When I heard this cure for the very first time, I was surprised. It sound too easy and good to be true. Still, as I’m a believer of turning information to culture, I decided to try it at my moms’ skin. She got sunburn as she was trying to do some work in our balcony. Her skin was reddened and seemed so bad. I used to keep after sun cream at home, but this year has not taken it yet. So, I decided to try this new cure for her skin.

Firstly, I prepared chamomile tea. It is very easy to do it and probably anyone knows how to do it. However I’m explaining how to prepare it shortly with photos.

You’ll need to buy Chamomile Tea in packets to prepare the chamomile tea needed for this cure. Such packets could be found at any drugstore.
Boil one cup of water. Take one cuppa and put in the chamomile tea packet. Add the boiled water, but do not pour it directly on the tea packet.
Let the chamomile tea release its essence for at least 3 minutes. For this particular preparation you can even leave the package even until the tea in fully cooled down.

Let the tea cool down completely and lubricated the burned skin with cotton pad. Attention! Do use abundant amount of chamomile tea and do not rub the damaged skin, as you can increase the damage.

Apply cold chamomile tea with a cotton pad onto the burned skin.

Repeat the procedure three times in row, at least for two times/day. My moms’ skin was improved within three days. And, remember my mom is over 70’s and this cure let her skin smooth.

I encourage you to try it where ever you are: home, hotel, camping tend. Let me know what was your experience with this cure. However, remember: The best protection is prevention. Grab the Sun Cream I mentioned above, now with a offer price for only £4. I wish a Refreshing Summer! & Happy Holidays!

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