How to Communicate and Navigate More for Less Money

I’m talking about people living and visiting Western Balkan Countries (Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and North Macedonia). Starting July 1, communication costs (calls and sms) and internet costs (data) for all these countries are reduced tremendously. The reason for such reduction is the entrance in force of the agreement signed by countries of the Western Balkan Region during the Second Digital Summit. This agreement for reduction of communication tariffs in Balkan Countries was initiated as an idea from European Union and was supported with EU funds.

The Agreement requires for the total removal of roaming costs among Balkan Countries to be reached until 2021. The new tariffs as of July 1, are part of the phase 1 for implementation of this agreement.

But what does this good news means in real terms: Money? Starting yesterday:

Outgoing Calls: 0.08 € in North Macedonia – 0.23 € in Albania.

Incoming Calls: 0.04 € in all other countries – 0.05 € in Serbia.

SMS : from 0.03 € ne Vendet e Tjera – 0.72 € in Albania.

Data transfer (internet): 0.03 € in Montenegro, Serbia & North Macedonia – 0.21 € in Albania.

These new tariffs represent decreases of costs from 50% – 99% of the previous communication costs. Whoever has visited Western Balkan Countries before yesterday would agree with me that the new prices are fantastic and a great development for greater communication and navigation on internet with much less money. This is true for people living in these countries, as well as for tourists and visitors reaching this part of the world during summer holidays. They will be more comfortable in communicating with their friends and families during their holidays and sharing more of the fantastic moments of their relaxing days in the wonderful Albanian seaside or other fantastic destinations in Balkan.

Photo of Wonderful Sunset in Golemi Beach, Albania

This is one more good reason to choose Balkan Countries as your next destination for family holidays. Apart great people, fantastic food, wonderful landscape, cultural and historic places; you have the chance to visit one of the best parts of Mediterranean Sea.

Photo of Antic City of Berat, Albania

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