How to Make Wonderful Linguine in Rich Vegetable Sauce

I love pasta, and I enjoy very much to experiment with pasta’s sauces. Several years ago, I did a diet, which had pasta as its main element. That was the only diet I’ve ever enjoyed in my life. I cooked every day different kinds of pasta with different sauces and that offered some variety to the diet’s days. The end result of the diet was great too, but I’ll tell you another day for that. However, let’s go back to today’s recipe: Linguine in Rich Vegetable Sauce, one of the preferred foods for my little daughter. Here I go with the recipe:

Ingredients: / Ingredientes:

  • 500 gr pasta (linguine) / 500 gr de linguini (pasta)
  • 100 gr minced meat / 100 gr de carne picada
  • 1 white onion / 1 cebolla blanca
  • 2 tomatoes / 2 tomates
  • 1 carrot / 1 zanahoria
  • 2 pumpkins / 2 calabazas
  • 1 sweet red pepper / 1 pimiento rojo dulce
  • 1 green pepper / 1 pimiento verde
  • 1/2 cockroach of garlic/ 1/2 cucaracha de ajo
  • little fresh parsley/ perejil fresco
  • Salt, white pepper, dry oregano, olive oil / Sal, pimienta blanca, orégano seco, aceite de oliva.

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Preparation: / Preparación:

Wash all vegetables with abundant water. Separately, peel and chop them in small cubicles. In a fry-pan pour two soup spoons of olive oil and add chopped onions and peppers.

Recipe: Linguine in Vegetable Sauce
Preparation of the sauce 1.
Lave todas las verduras con abundante agua. Por separado, pelarlos y picarlos en pequeños cubículos. En una sartén vierta el aceite de oliva y agregue las cebollas y los pimientos picados.

Fry onions and peppers for 2 minutes and add minced meat. Continue cooking them by stirring continuously. When vegetables and meat are shriveled enough, add tomatoes, carrots and garlic. Attention! You may use even cherry tomatoes for this sauce, or a combination of normal tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. In case of usage of cherry tomatoes, just cut them in 4 pieces and add them to the sauce.

Meanwhile, take one deep stew-pot and fill it with filtered cold water. Put it in heat and bring it to boil. Add 1 soup spoon of salt and little olive oil, in order not to allow pasta’s yarns to stick to each-other. While the water is boiling add linguine and stir them until all pasta is under water.

Recipe: Linguine in Vegetable Sauce
Preparation of the sauce 2.
Freír las cebollas y los pimientos durante 2 minutos y agregar la carne picada. Continúa cocinándolos revolviendo continuamente. Cuando las verduras y la carne estén lo suficientemente marchitas, agregue los tomates, las zanahorias y el ajo. Mientras tanto, iniciar la preparación de linguine al-dente usando una marmita de profundidad.

Stir the preparation and regulate with little salt, white pepper and oregano. Continue stirring until the tomatoes will be half cooked. Add chopped pumpkins and allow the preparation to be cooked for 2 more minutes, stirring time after time.

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Meanwhile, continuously check linguine at the stew-pot to make sure they are cooked al-dente. The way I check them is by trying one yarn and if it can be chewed, but is not sticky than is ready. With the help of a colander, exude the linguine. Trick: if you cook the linguine before time (it is not easy to cook pasta and sauce at exact same time), collect the water where the pasta is simmered at the same stew-pot and put the colander with the linguine over that water. Cover it and leave it there. The pasta will not stick to each-other.

Add several spoons of linguine juice (the water where the pasta is being cooked). Allow for the preparation to cook until the pumpkins are ready and the sauce has created the right consistency, but is still juicy. Remove the sauce from the heat and add shredded fresh parsley. Place linguine nicely in a big plate and add the sauce over it. Add grated parmigiana or any other yellow cheese.

Bon Appetite!

Final plate of Linguine in Rich vegetable Sauce, served for one portion for adults.
Regular con poca sal, pimienta blanca y orégano. Continúa revolviendo hasta que los tomates estén medio cocidos. Añadir calabazas picadas y cocinar por 2 minutos más, revolviendo una vez tras otra. Añadir unas cucharadas de agua linguini, permitir la preparación para cocinar hasta que las calabazas están listas y la salsa haya creado la consistencia adecuada, pero todavía es jugosa. Retire la salsa del fuego y añadir el perejil fresco rallado. Coloque linguini muy bien en un plato grande y añadir la salsa por encima. Añadir la parmesana rallada o cualquier otro queso amarillo.
¡Buen provecho!


I use a different way for preparation of this pasta for my daughter. As soon as the sauce is ready, I add linguine at the sauce and cook them together for 1 minute. Then, I serve the pasta in her preferred white plate for her to enjoy. This way, I make sure her linguine will take all the sauce juice in it and my daughter will be able to receive this healthy preparation.

Bon Appetite to Your Little Angels!

Final Plate of Linguine in Rich Vegetable Sauce served for children.
Yo uso una forma diferente para la preparación de esta pasta para mi hija. Cuando la salsa está lista, agrego linguini en la salsa y los cocino juntos por 1 minuto. Sirvo la pasta en el plato blanco preferido para que ella disfrute. De esta manera, me aseguro de su linguini se llevará a todo el jugo salsa en ella y mi hija será capaz de recibir esta preparación saludable. Apetito de Bon a sus pequeños!
Esta receta se puede preparar incluso sin carne, versión vegetariana, pero me gusta más con la carne picada.

This was my recipe for Linguine in Rich Vegetable Sauce. It is very delicious and healthy dish for all family members. You can prepare it even without meat, vegetarian version, but I like it more with minced meat. I invite you to try this recipe at your home. Do not forget to write me about your experience in cooking it and feed back of your family.

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