How to Treat Oily Hair in Cheap and Easy Way

I have oily hair, or better I used to have heavy greasy hair. The reason I’m talking in the past is because I finally have solved this problem and my hair are back to normality.

Before, my hair were a big source of annoyance for me: I needed to wash them every other day, they didn’t look nice most of the time, it was not possible to properly style them (stylish products were not welcomed from my hair), etc. What I hated more about my hair, was that fastidious feeling as somebody has poured 1 liter of oil on them, and this feeling was stronger during hot days or during very busy days. I even hated the hair oil that remained in the pillow and endless production of oil on my hair and even on my forehead.

Fortunately, that period is over for me, due to 2 factors: (i) I’ve fixed the equilibrium of my skin (scalp and skin in general), (ii) I found a practical way to remove grease from my hair.

The way I fixed the balance of my skin was by reducing the amount of fat in my diet (any type of fat) and by reducing my weight. Anytime I added fat in my diet, the amount of grease in my hair increased. Another factor that was influencing the oiliness of my hair was sweating. I did at least 30 minutes physical activity/day to allow my body to perspire well and remove its influence in increasing of oiliness for the rest of the day. And in the end, I trained myself to take life a bit easier and to reduce stress in my life. It helped me to reduce the amount of grease in my hair and my forehead.

Meanwhile, I stopped using aggressive shampoos for greasy hair; instead of helping to reduce oiliness of my hair, they affected on the opposite side and increased it. I took care for the cleaning of my scalp and especially for removal of dandruff from my hair. Anti-dandruff shampoos helped a bit for reduction of my hair’s oiliness. When my hair were dandruff free, I started to use shampoos that took care for hair shining mainly and used some baking soda with the shampoo during the last hair wash. Soda supported full clean up of my scalp and effectively removed remaining grease from my hair.

But, how much soda do we need to use in order to remove grease from hair? The amount of soda depends on your hair and how much shampoo you use when washing them. I have long hair and use one handful of shampoo for every wash. So, I add one teaspoon of soda in the last handful of shampoo. Less soda is needed for shorter hair. Make sure to massage well your hair with this last special compounded shampoo. I invite you to try it, and you’ll see the results by yourself.

Now, my hair are back to normal. I only need to wash them twice/week and my hair look nice all the time. I’m always careful to maintain the right balance of my skin and factors that influence it. However, after many years of ‘fighting and suffering’, I’m back to normal, and I’m very pleased about it. I hope, you my dear friends suffering from the same issues, will find my story useful and will get worthy ideas on how to properly treat hair oiliness. Remember! There is always hope for fixing your problem and having wonderful shining hair.

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