Do you Want to be Healthy? Marry a Strong Women

People like to talk about marriage, and are divided into 2 big groups: (i) those that think that marriage complete someone’s life and improves quality of life, and (ii) those who believe marriage is the end of variety and good life. There is a third group looking at marriage as a subject of a scientific study. These are researchers from University of Chicago and Michigan State University that have performed a study about indications of quality of marriage into the health of both partners in couple.

Their findings support the saying “Women come from Venus and Man come from March”. Women and men react on opposite directions when it comes to influence of quality of marital life into their health (diabetes in particular). Women with difficult marital life face a higher risk to get sick of diabetes in their lifespan. On the other side: men with difficult marital relationships face less risk of getting sick of diabetes in their lifespan.

These findings go against the general perception of men that living with a strong woman is very difficult and not worthy. Living with a strong woman could bring them a great health benefit. A demanding partner will make their life difficult, but will make sure for them to enjoy a healthy life.

Apparently, marriage is an institution where men benefit more, even when they complain about it. Apart full support of their partner and children and other joys of family life, married men are happier and enjoy good health. At the same time, married people live longer than single people too.

So, my wonderful strong ladies. Whenever you’ll feel worried about your husband’s complains for marital life, just don’t worry. The endless energy you pour into your relationship is making him a great favor for his health. Make sure to remind them about this fact next time they’ll complain about your attitude and behavior.


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