4 Important Facts You need to Know about Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is back on summer this year and this is not an usual thing. Known even as Varicella, this is a disease that anyone suffers once in life, either as kids or as adults. I had my little daughter dealing with it in the last 6 days, and it was not easy at all. I thought to share what I learned during these days for this annoying disease. I summarized my lessons learned in 4 key areas worthy to be considered for Chicken Pox disease.

I. Symptoms

Varicella has these symptoms: high temperature (over 38 degrees), for adults fever and trembling, and the red rash with little water bag on top that are spread all over the body. Usually appear only one or two red rash somewhere in the body. The next day that start to appear everywhere: head, body, arms, legs, etc.

Chicken Pox Rash
(photo taken by: Verywell Health )

II. What Medicines to use

Ask for a visit to your doctor as soon as you understand the situation. Let the doctor know in advance what you think you have, for the doctor to take measures for not spreading the varicela to others.

The usual medication prescripted are: paracetamol, powder and a special cream:

Use paracetamol to reduce high temperature and fever.

Paracetamol Tablets to be used for high temperature and fever in adults

For children less than 2 years old, use regular baby powder, possible the liquid powder, to avoid the child facing allergenic problems with the respiration of the powder. For children over 2 years and adults use a special powder with menthol. It will help refresh the skin from the rash.

Baby Powder, normal version that is usually used for babies. My child is less than 2 years old, so I used this one.

The special cream is to help the skin be fully regenerated and to not leave marks behind.

Special Cream dedicated to skin regeneration

III. How to take care about Varicella Disease

Follow normal procedure in cases of High-Temperature and use paracetamol to reduce the high temperature.

Water could help to leave marks on the skin in the rash places. Do not allow water to touch the infected area, practically avoid water completely during the disease’s period. Attention must be shown for sweating too, as it aggravates the rash.

Maintain high hygiene at home and iron the clothes of the sick person on the internal side too. Wash your hand anytime you touch the person infected with chicken pox.

Apply powder anytime the skin fells wet when you touch it. Follow instructions written at the powder box and apply strictly them.

Use the special cream when the rash begin to spell. Follow instructions written at the cream box and apply them strictly.

Be patient and make sure to strictly follow instructions. Allow for the rash to disappear completely before showering.

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IV. Disease Issues

The younger you go through varicella the better it is. The microbe that causes the disease does strongly influence the immune system and in adult cases could cause very aggravated health situations. Little kids, like my daughter, are more protected from such implications.

Attention! Chicken pox is contagious, thus do not frequent places with lots of people. Do not touch or come close to other people (kids especially). I strongly believe my daughter got it from a little boy on the street; he had red rashes all over his face. His irresponsible grandma was walking him around and allowing him to get close to other children.

Varicella is a short term disease, it may prolong between 7 – 14 days and usually does not have any side effect.

These are the facts you need to know about Chicken Pox Disease. Weather you’re a parent having a child with varicella or having a family member with it, do not worry. This is a disease that comes and go without further implications. Just make sure to be patient and strong in order to be able to give courage to the person suffering from the disease. Good luck!

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