Do you need to Loose Weight? – This is the Way

Loosing weight is what most people, that love food and hate exercises, fight for. Over the years I’ve learned that loosing weight is possible with some sacrifices, but the mos difficult thing is to maintain the new weight. This phase requires more attention as getting back to the old bad habits is very seductive and kind of slips away from your hand.

For those like me, that enjoy food very much, the best attempt is to better understand what we eat and how that does influence our weight. In other words, we should find ways to control our weight through the type of food we eat.

Today, I want to share with you a special diet: The Macaroni Diet (Pasta Diet).

I’m sure you are wondering how come dough foods, such as pasta, could help to reduce weight, when in fact dough and sweets are the reason you’re fighting for weight loss most of the time. In fact is true: I tried it and I confirm this diet works. Eating pasta every day makes your slimmer.

Before starting with the description of the diet, you better stop and take measures for its realization in practice. You will definitely need to have a pot for boiling the pasta, as the one shown in this picture. Click on it to get to know the details and buy this Pasta Pot for your Pasta Diet.

Click on the photo to get this high-quality pot,
which you can always use.

Now, let’s go back to our Pasta Diet. Allow me to tell you how it works: The secret of this diet is to eat ONLY 100 gr pasta/day. I recommend to eat the pasta during lunch, in order to give time the body to digest it. You may eat fruits and vegetables and some meat for the rest of the day. No sweets, no more dough and no alcohol are allowed during this diet.

It is guaranteed to loose 2 kg/week and you’ll not feel hungry during the diet. I wanted to do it for 4 weeks in a row, but I had to stop after 2 weeks, not for health reasons. I reduced 5 kg for two weeks, while enjoying pasta everyday. I used to call it “the enriched diet”, as I tried everyday a different kind of pasta with a different sauce. I believe, that was one of the most creative period in learning and experimenting delicious sauces.

Let me give you an idea what was my diet for four days, so you can get an idea how The Macaroni Diet works in real terms.

As you can see from the diet schedule, the food you eat is very rich in variety and quality. As usual, choose the best ingredients for your meals, and achieve your goals for weight loss. The good part is that you can do this diet easily, even if you eat out, as there are plenty of good places you can find delicious pasta.

For a more enjoyable service of your pastas, and to give more variety and color to your table, we propose for you this set with six bowls for pasta and salad with modern designs in different colors. Click on the photo to see the details and buy your pasta bowls.

Pasta bowls with modern designs and different colors.
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This diet is perfect for post-holiday period, to loose the so-called ‘holidays extras’. I believe you need to eat pasta for not more than 2 weeks in order to go back to your normal weight. For those that already went on summer holidays it’s time to start the Macaroni Diet now. For you that are planning to travel soon for your summer holidays, it is good to go and fully enjoy your time out of everything, because you know you have a solution for any weight change immediately after. Happy Holidays to all!

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