How to detect Your Body is missing Vitamin C

We hear so much about Vitamin C and its wonderful value for human body. Most of the people I know relate Vitamin C with immunity. They believe that if the body is missing Vitamin C, its immunity is down. This way human body is more exposed in front of various dangerous diseases. Let’s name some of the problems which are caused due to insufficiency of Vitamin C in human body.

Health Problems caused by Lack of Vitamin C

The Drying

Vitamin C insufficiency causes your hair to dry and to have plenty of split ends. At the same time, your body skin could be dry, rough and easily turning to redness.


When the body feels lack of Vitamin C, the blood capillaries become more sensitive, especially to the extended parts of the body. That’a why you may face more often nosebleeds and difficulties with your gums (they become more sensitive and bleed very easily).

Issues with Body Injuries

Insufficiency of Vitamin C in your body would cause that for wounds in the body to be more difficult to close and you may be disposed to have unexpected bruises in your body, even simple bumps could cause a big black bruise.

Loose of Your Spirit

Do you frequently feel tired and in bad mood? Are you facing difficulties to concentrate on things? The cause for all these issues might probably be the insufficiency of Vitamin C in your body. You need to balance the in-taking of Vitamin C in order to have the right energy for your daily activities.

Joint Issues

Painful joints could be caused by lack of Vitamin C. The same is for when you see you joints and your legs are swollen. Insufficiency of Vitamin C is one of the main causes of arthritis and rheumatism diseases.

Higher Sensitive against Viroids

If you are prone to get sick very easily from cold season viruses, most probably your immunity is down as your body has insufficiency of Vitamin C.

Forest Fruits are natural source of Vitamin C
(Image taken by: Fragrantica)

Should you observe having simultaneously some of the situations mentioned above, the magical solution for your problems is to balance the amount of Vitamin C in your body.

It is obvious that lack of Vitamin C could cause serious health problems, which strongly influence your productivity and quality of life. Thus, it is vital to supply our body with necessary amount of Vitamin C. Even if we in-take surplus amount of Vitamin C, our body is ‘smart’ enough to deposit it and keep it for periods when the body most needs it.

The issue with Vitamin C is that it is very brittle and could be easily destroyed from the cooking ways we use. Thus, extra care and attention should be performed in order to supply the body with it. Here are some measures we may take to in-take the needed amount of Vitamin C in our body:

Greens are a natural source of Vitamin C
  • Eat a lot of food which contain Vitamin C (greens, citrus fruits, red pepper, kiwi, broccoli, forest fruits, wild roses tea, ginger, etc.)
  • Get used to consume as much fresh fruits and vegetable, or cook them very little in low heat.
  • In case your diet is not rich enough with Vitamin C, use tablets of Vitamin C to supply your body.

I wrote this article to draw your attention regarding Vitamin C and its influence in the balances of our bodies. As best physicians recommend, I invite you to become yourself doctor and to carefully observe the behavior of our own body. Make sure to sufficiently supply your body with the valuable Vitamin C, a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antitoxin and antihistamine.

Red Pepper is a natural source of Vitamin C


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