Do you Know about Powerful Innovation of Food from CO2

World population is getting close to 8 billion people and the biggest question mark to anyone who listen this news is: How will be fed all these people? We are talking about numbers world has never seen before, so the food scarcity challenge is real and scary. Together with the global warming and global pollution, they remain on top of every global agenda.

But, there are some little lights started to shine at the end of the dark tunnel. One of them is a powerful innovation coming from Finland: It is called Solein and is the first food ever produced only by: water, electricity and CO2. Yes! You heard it right: it is a valuable product produced by only these three elements. But hold on, there is more. The real big deal about Solein is the fact that it represents a natural protein produced in unconventional way. It can be used to successfully replace meat in the human nutrition diet.

The original idea came from NASA, which was searching for foods to be easily produced during space missions. The Finish scientists of Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) came up with Solein, an vanguard solution for food problem, cheaper and free of limitation regarding the place of production and other agricultural requirements.

Solein looks and tastes like wheat flour with 50% protein, 5 – 10% fat and 20 – 25% carbs. It is produced through a fully natural fermentation process, similar to beer. Now Solein is under patent registration process and planning to start production by year 2021.

This means that two years from now, when I’ll prepare my preferred pancakes, they will be a great source of protein instead of today being a great source of carbs -:) Right???

This is a wonderful news and a win-win solution for two huge issues: global warming and scarcity of food resources. It is a perfect solution that helps producing food by consuming CO2, one of the major factors causing global warning.

It is a great relief to hear that despite the tremendous amount of energy spent on wars, political fights and other rubbish for who is more powerful in the world, there are some very intelligent people using their brain and energy to solve essential issue of the planet well-being and to give real hope for the future.


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