New Strong Law against Sexual Crimes in Ukraine

Today is Day 1 in force for the new law for sexual crimes approved in Ukraine last week. I’m talking about a new law the President of Ukraine, Rada Verkhovna, has issued to fight the crimes of pedophilia and rape. The new law provides for a castration sentence and incarceration for all those who are found guilty by the court for these two crimes.

Following other countries experiences (USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, France, Deutschland, Israel, Norway, Sweden, etc.), Ukraine will use chemical castration method, by injecting specific drugs with syringe to convicted individuals. The law does not require permanent castration, but temporary ones for periods decided by the court.

I hope the castration period will be longer than the period they will be imprisoned, in order to serve as a real punishment for such criminals. Even though it sounds quite medieval as a solution for a civilized world, seems that this is the only way to keep those monsters away from their criminal activity.

I wonder if this solution has worked out well in the countries that have already applied it in their legislation. What is your opinion about this issue? Do you think this is the right way to fight sexual crimes in your country in particular and worldwide as well? Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this.

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