Do you know: How to Reduce High Triglycerides and Bad Cholesterol?

Three years ago I faced an unusual health situation: I felt tired almost all the time, there were moment when I almost flaked out and this happened within few seconds; I was very low in energy and my nerves were very stretched. My family members did not believe me, they thought I was faking it to avoid house care works and other stuff. I was going through a stress period and I blamed stress for my health situation.

One day I had an accident at a mobile phone shop and I had a deep wound in my arm. My health situation worsened, so I did some tests to understand what was going on with me. What doctor said to me that day would change my way of living forever. She said I had a very dangerous health situation, because I had very high triglycerides and bad cholesterol in my blood. The amount of good cholesterol in my blood was very low too. “You are very close to have a heart attack” the doctor said. She kept explaining the symptoms my situation displayed and they were exactly how I felt for the last three months.

Let me explain it in simple words (the same I use for myself): The human blood is composed of three elements: good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. Good cholesterol is the crucial one to protect our heart from heart attacks. At the moment we are facing non-healthy situations, triglycerides cells start to eat up the good cholesterol, thus leaving the heart unprotected from attacks. This condition combined with high level of bad cholesterol would easily cause death through heart attack or stroke. Studies show that most of heart attacks happen due to low level of good cholesterol, rather than due to high levels of bad cholesterol. Myself had both these high risk factors developed in my blood: my LDL was 300 (normal rate 100) and triglycerides were 465 (normal rate 150), HDl was 27 (normal rate 40 – 60).

We all panicked, I was only 31 years old at the time. I went to three more doctors to get second, third and fourth opinions and they concluded the same. So, what to do? How would I bring myself healthy again? Do I need to do a serious surgery? Do I need to have a cure with medicines? Do I need to do any sport? These were the questions that kept rotating on my mind.

The good news was that I did not needed to do any of the difficult stuff going in my mind. There were two things I needed to do: (i) modify my diet, and (ii) get some rest and not straining my body. I thought it was a joke: I was facing high-risk death situation and all I needed to do was to change two small things in my life ?! However, I decided to enjoy these simple solutions and follow them rigorously.

Chaining the Diet

The first thing I did was to change my diet and eliminate completely sugar from it. I mean added sugar, because it is impossible to avoid the natural form of sugar.

  • I eliminated Sweets from my Diet
  • I Only consumed Integrated Dough Products (rice, pasta, bread, flour, cornflakes)
  • I eliminated Fresh Drinks with Added Sugar
  • I eliminated Very Sweet Fruits (figs, grapes, yellow banana, etc)
  • I eliminated Alcohol from My Diet
  • I consumed Lots of Fresh Vegetables in the form of Salads and Soups.

Toughening the Body

The second thing was to take care of my physical situation. I rested for some days in the bed and as soon I felt a bit stronger I went for walks on daily basis. The fresh air of the seaside helped me feeling better and getting stronger.

Four months later I repeated the tests and it came out that my hard work was rewarded. My blood parameters were normal, the typical ones of a healthy individual. I was so happy, my family was relieved and I was back to my normal life. But, with some permanent changes: I continue to have my daily walks even today, I always check the labels of provisions before buying them. I always buy the ones that have lower sugar rates, as a measure to live a healthy life. No more drinks with added sugar enter through my door and I consume very rarely sweets and only sweets with brown sugar.

It was a difficult period that fortunately ended up positively. It was a great lesson for life not to take health for granted. As anything else in the world, our body is a valuable asset we should take care off. There was another important life lesson I learned: Do not allow yourself to be stressed at the point to forget important stuff. There are always solutions to other problems, while health problems could be non-returnable. Life must be lived with optimism and positivism, otherwise problems could steal it from you.

This was how I reduced bad cholesterol and high level of triglycerides. I shared it with you today as wanted it to be a source of hope and an appeal to be proactive about taking care of your body and your health. Being healthy is a predetermined condition to be successful and to live a quality life. All the Best!

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