Man Fined by Court for Loving a Married Woman

Marriage is becoming more and more complicated over time. Human rights and complex laws created to regulate people relationships in civilized way, are making marriage almost impossible. The reason I’m making this statement is due to an unusual and strange court decision coming from USA. In North Carolina, one man was suit by the husband of his lover and judge decided to make him pay $8.8 millions fine, as compensation for emotional damages to the ‘poor’ ex-husband.

Doesn’t it sound unbelievable? In fact is true, such court suit is still allowed in North Carolina, Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Utah. Spouses in these countries can suit other people for damaging their marriage by having affairs with their partners. This was the case of Mr. Francisco Huizar III, who needed to go in front of the court to face allegations of “criminal conversation and alienation of affection”. The court was supplied by the complainant with Facebook messages, phone calls records, hotel bills and restaurant bills to support his allegations. Apparently these were considered strong evidences from the judge, who decide to punish “Mr. Romeo” with a very large amount of money.

This was the amount of Fine given by the court.
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Be careful people! If you live in the states I mentioned above, think twice before having an affair with a married person. Ask yourself: Is this person worth forgiving my fortune to his/her ex-partner? Only if the answer is Yes, Go for it -:)

Apart kidding, this story is pretty unusual and makes me think if this is enough to maintain a family together. Or, is this another way to treat marriage as a good bargain tool to earn some sponging money? With laws like this, I believe marring an attractive and sexy partner, is always a good deal. It will come a day when you may ‘trade’ your partner for a good amount of millions, that can nicely compensate for your divorce. God help us not to become part of such a loathing situation.

This was the story I wanted to share with you today my dear friends. I’m curious to hear your comments about it. Please write them down in the comment box below here. Till than, Enjoy Life and Love Your Family!


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