How to Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Weight is one of the most argued subjects in today’s societies. Half of the world complains about loosing weight and the other half wants to gain weight. We have talked a lot about “How to Loose Weight” here at FAMILY+ Blog, so today I’d like to focus on “How to Gain Weight in a Healthy Way”.

Before getting to the point of how-to-gain-weight, let’s talk a bit about why people suffer from such issue. Some people, the biggest number in this group, are so poor that they could not find enough food to feed themselves regularly. And, I’m not talking about healthy or not healthy food, I’m talking not having enough food at all. The solution for them is to help find ways to provide more food for their families: donations to poverty organizations, giving small loans to build small businesses, employing them, etc.

While there are some other people in this group that suffer from inability to enjoy food or to keep it (food) inside their body. These are people facing clinic symptoms of bulimia and anorexia.

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They should be treated by physicians first to fix the roots of their problems with food, and then to focus on weight gain. Another way to help these group of people is to follow blogs of people recovered from such diseases. Fortunately, I’ve never suffered myself any of these diseases, but I’ve read articles from people that went through them and trust me, there’s so much you can get from them. Allow me to recommend one blog of a girl that successfully recovered from anorexia: Beauty Beyond the Bones.

The last group of people looking to gain weight, are those who pretend to eat a lot, but do not gain weight. I’ve met many of people facing such issue. They have two main problems: (i) they do not actually eat enough, despite what they think they are doing, and (ii) they do not sleep enough hours to refill the body with necessary energy. These are people that can get valuable advice from this article on how to achieve the desired weight.

Tips for Gaining Weight

I. Eat 7 Times/day on Regular Basis.

The more times per day you engage in eating the better the chances that you’ll get enough food in your stomach. Always keep the fridge full of good food, possible homemade tasty food.

Healthy Recipes you may find in our Blog (FAMILY+ Blog)

II. Engage Yourself in Activities in Nature

Develop hobbies or get engage in groups that help you spend more time in nature: walking, picnics, fishing, running, hiking etc. Nature is the best inspirational source to enjoy life and fine goods in life: good food, good wine, love, fresh air, family, yourself, etc.

III. Always Buy and Eat Healthy Food

Fresh and healthy ingredients are a good base to cook a nice meal. Should you like to enjoy food, make sure to have a healthy one. Healthy food helps the body to feel better and as the saying says: “Appetite comes through eating”, you’ll find yourself asking for more of good and healthy food.

Nettles – one of the healthier plants in human diet

IV. Regulate Your Sleeping Habits.

Sleep is very important regarding weight issues. Not sleeping enough hours/night does disrupt lots of brain activities, causing important disorders in the human body. Check out if your bedroom is an appropriate place to make good sleep and leave TV and electronic equipment out of your bedroom. Following biological rhythm of your body is another measure to improve your body functions regarding good sleeping.

V. Avoid High Stressful Situations in Your Life

Stress is the main factor of Feeding and Sleeping disorders. The sad part about stress is that we are the guilty ones about the intensity we perceive it. Release your mind, focus on positive side of things and live a stress-free life. This will serve as a pre-condition to live a healthier and joyful life.

These were my advice for you on “How to Gain Weight in Healthy Way”. Make sure to follow them in your life, and you’ll see the difference not only regarding your body weight, but about your productivity and success in life. I’ve seen people changing their life for good, just by focusing more on themselves and how to make their life better. Should you have any question, please feel free to write me and share with us your experience about weight issues. Till then, Be Cool and Stay Healthy!

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